Thursday, 31 July 2008

All quiet on the western front

As was expected, there's not much action to be seen from our web cams now - just the occasional presence of an adult or juvenile bird maybe. So maybe it's time to spend more hours at the pub? The Peregrine is in Chaddesden in Derby and was named after our birds.....they even have some pictures of them up on the walls!

One solution - assuming you can't cope with blank screens (or indeed the pub!) is to make a virtual visit to the other hemispere and watch peregrines in Australia, where the peregrine breeding cycle is just starting up.

Try Frodocam at

They have a blog going this year, run by someone at the local newspaper who hosts the webcams.
Of course, if you get hooked, don't forget to keep an occasional eye on Derby and to re-join us next spring!
Nick B (DWT)

Friday, 25 July 2008

Display in the ringing chamber

The cathedral bell ringers will be showing off their skills tomorrow, Saturday 26th, in the ringing chamber (situated about a third of the way up the tower) to anyone who wants to learn about this ancient practice. In addition, there will be a small display on the peregrines in the chamber plus the option to look at the web cams via the monitor screen up there.

The usual tower climbs will operate and there's a further tower climb day the following Saturday too (2nd August) though without the bell ringers this time.
So, if you are in or near Derby, do go along although I'm not quite sure of the times - so ring the cathedral for details.

This morning the falcon was sitting below the nest platform sunning herself and dozing - you can see her nictitating membrance covering her eye. No sign of any other birds.

Don't forget to buy the DVD, now at the reduced price of £6 (plus P&P) - scroll down to the earlier blog posting for details of how to get one sent to you. We posted one off to regular blog commenter Ann in Canada yesterday - hope you get it soon Ann!

Nick B (DWT)

Monday, 21 July 2008

Web-cam outage Sunday 20th July

Scheduled work on the computer network at Derby City Council resulted in a break in our webcameras all day on Sunday. The service resumed again this lunchtime after we reboted our server inside Derby Cathedral tower. Turning on the monitor inside the bel-ringing chamber, it was a delight to see on of our adult birds not only on the nest platform, but actually scraping and picking at stones on the nest.

Note that the live video/audio feed is still functioning, albeit intermittently, for which we apologise. (See Key Links on left side of page) This seems to be a problem with equipment at our end, and not with the service generously provided by Media on Demand.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Fantastic new DVD offer!

The Peregrines of Derby Cathedral DVD price has been cut to £6 so now is the time to buy a copy if you don't already have one.
Front cover of peregrione DVD - price now reducedDelta Echo Media, the company that produced the DVD, have now covered their costs and want to contribute to the project rather than take any profit which means that when you buy a copy at this new price, almost all of your money will go directly to the three project partners.

Ashley Sims, of Delta Echo Media, said:

" We have enjoyed been associated with the peregrine project and been greatly impressed by the passion and incredibly hard work of everyone involved, so much so that, we have decided not to make any profit from this venture, instead preferring to give everything over and above the direct production costs directly back to the project partners".

So, please buy a copy now if you don't have one already, in the knowledge that most of your outlay will come directly back to support our work.
{If you have bought one at the original price, please think that only because you did so has Ashley been able to make this great offer to us now!}

To get a copy by post, just phone the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on 01773 881188 in office hours and we'll send you one at £6 (exclusive of postage) the same day.

As they say: Hurry while stocks last and while you have withdrawal symptoms!
Follow this link to find our more, or to read viewer testimonials of the DVD
Nick B (DWT)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Of doting donors and inspired infants

Following our appeal for donations to help support this project, we are pleased to report that 26 people emailed the wildlife trust to find out how they could get money to us.

Of these, 18 kind folk have made donations totalling just over £500 to date, a very encouraging response.

Today we have been chasing up the remainder, making sure we had sent them the necessary information. So far, most have responded with encouraging emails along the lines of 'thanks for reminding me, I'll get my cheque in the post to you tomorrow'!

If anyone else is inspired to send a donation, however small, please email us at to find out how to do it.

On Monday, a large red folder appeared at the Trust office containing wonderful drawings and writing from children at Brigg Infant School near Alfreton, spurred on by Helen Naylor, their class teacher.

Once we can locate a colour scanner, we hope to reproduce some of this fabulous work by these young but eloquent children here on the blog - so watch this space!

Encouraging children to admire and understand peregrines will be a major theme of our developmental work over the winter though we will need to seek funding to underpin the staff time involved....nothing comes free these days!

The photo, taken at the watch point on one of the few wet days, shows Andy M, one of our regular volunteers, helping one local youngster to see the young peregrines standing on the edge of the platform.
We have calculated that our brilliant 24-strong volunteer team contributed over 300 volunteer hours to the running of the watch point - an excellent effort.
They were (in no particular order):
John & Sue H, Andy & Chris M, Steve & Ann R, Mary C, Ian & Judith F, Mary B, Peter W, Margaret K, Sue J, Margaret & Brian H, Jackie T, Pat S, Barry P, Mike S, Jan H, Matt B, Diane L, Lynne M and Alison R. (We hesitate to publish their full names without seeking their permission).

Meanwhile, we have been busy writing articles and short news pieces about our peregrines - check out July's Derbyshire Magazine, August's Bird Watching magazine, Bird Guides webzine (accessible only to subscribers), August's Derbyshire Ornithological Society's bulletin among others.
The pud cam has continued to give plenty of good viewing of our birds even though their visits to the nest platform below have been rather few and far do keep on logging in!
Shortly we hope to have a new exciting announcement about the DVD - so keep an eye open for that too!
Nick B (DWT)