Our Webcams

*Derby Peregrines – Nest Cam 1*

*Derby Peregrines – Nest Cam 2*

We now have two nest cameras on the side of Derby Cathedral's tower.

Apple users please note: NestCam2 no longer works with the latest version of Safari. 
Please use Chrome or some other browser to view this camera. 
In case of difficulty, wait a few minutes and try refreshing your browser

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*We are happy for images captured on our webcameras to be freely used by others - even commercially - under a Creative Commons CC BY SA 3.0 licence. Please acknowledge Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project as the source. Any video or product based primarily upon these images must also be available free of charge or of copyright restrictions under the same Creative Commons agreement.  You may also use webcam screenshots posted on our Flickr Group. However non-webcamera photos are likely to belong to third-parties, and will be therefore copyright. Please contact us if you need to use such an image, and tell us why. We will do our best to get permission for re-use.

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