Contents of Schools Loan Box on Peregrines
Do you fancy having the world's fastest bird fly into your classroom?*

If you're a school teacher and want to know more about opportunities to watch our webcams or use Derby's peregrines as part of your classroom teaching, just get in touch.
We can offer you the following resources to help you deliver brilliant class activities:

1) Resource Boxes for Loan within Derbyshire
Thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding, we've been able to prepare "Schools Resource Boxes" for loan across Derbyshire. They give local teachers all the materials and ideas you need to create classroom activities based on Derby's amazing peregrines.  These are available through the usual Schools Resource service in Derby and in Derbyshire. Contact:

    Computer drawing from Brigg Infants School, Derbyshire
    2) Online Resources
    Many of the worksheets and numerous lesson ideas used in our Loans Box are also now available online. These all come bundled together as a 14Mb zip file.
    Follow link, then click 'download' icon at top centre of the Google Drive page.
    All we ask in return is that you tell us if you've used them, and give us feedback on how best to make any improvements.

    3) Skype Chat with an Expert
    Children from Brigg Infants sent us their drawings following
     our Skype classroom chat
    If you would like one of our Project Team to answer questions from your school, get in touch. We can offer a free, Skype classroom chat on some Mondays or Tuesdays. These need to be pre-booked and can be tailored to best meet your class needs.

    4) Show Us Your Work
    Computer graphic by  Lily-Mae, Brigg Infants School, Derbyshire.
    Send us examples of your school's work based around peregrines, and we'll select some to show here on our blog, whether it's poetry, art, science or geography-related. The video below was made and narrated by young  children from Brigg Infants School in Derbyshire We  liked it so much it was run continuously in Derby Museum's wildlife gallery for over two years!

    We run frequent WatchPoints from May to July to help
    people including schools to appreciate the
    peregrines at Derby Cathedral.
    To send us work from your class, or to ask questions about using Derby's amazing peregrines in school, please email us at:

    Children from a local school get the 'wow factor' as
     they see a peregrine for the very first time
    * NOTE: we are currently in a position to be able to offer schools a visit to run a session on Peregrine Falcons.  This will however be chargeable, as it is outside the scope of our Heritage Lottery grant funding. The charges however are very reasonable so do get in touch to find out more about what we can offer you.


    caroline pitcher said...

    This is lovely - thank you! and I think your paintings are great.

    Caroline said...

    School children have been asking some great questions on the blog which we're all learning from too. How I would have loved this opportunity as a child. Thank you to all the teachers engaging with this project. The artwork is wonderful. Well done everyone.

    Lorraine Turner said...

    I'm watching falcons all day long
    And watching all night too,
    The only time I miss a shot
    Is nipping to the loo!

    One egg,two eggs,three eggs laid
    But I only caught the 3rd,
    And missed the 1st and 2nd eggs
    Laid by the mother bird!

    The fourth and final egg came forth
    In apparent blaze and glory,
    I missed that laying also - Dough!
    But that's another story!

    Now we'll have to wait and see
    The hatching of the chicks,
    But I hope that when this happens
    I'll not miss the lovely pics!

    There'll be lots of " Ooogh's "
    And lots of " Arrgh's "
    And no doubt " tut-tut-tut's "
    Lets not forget these fluffy chicks
    Will feed on pigeon guts!

    And then there'll be the little one
    The one that seems left out,
    The one that gets too near the edge
    And causes us to shout!

    Yet that's the joy of nestlings,
    It's a two-fold wondrous story,
    With the miracle of Nature
    There is blood, but also GLORY!

    Isobel C said...

    Isobel c age 7 oak class holmsdale infants.I like the crested moon shape of the feathers on the peregrines. What sort of accidents happen to the peregrines?