Watch Points

From 11th May until 18th June 2022 we'll be running public Peregrine Watchpoints events every Wednesday morning and Saturday morning (except 4th June).  All our summer Peregrine Falcon Watchpoints are free and run from 11am to 1pm on Derby's Cathedral Green. (They do not run if the weather forecast is poor. 
Friendly  volunteers meet and talk with a wide range
of visitors on Derby's Cathedral Green

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust volunteers will be on hand to let you use a telescope or simply to chat about the city's amazing peregrine falcons.

Watchpoint Dates in 2022
  • Wed 11 May
  • Sat 14th May
  • Wed 18th May
  • Sat 21st May
  • Wed 25th May
  • Sat 28th May
  • Wed 1st June
  • Sat 4th June (CANCELLED)
  • Wed 8th June
  • Sat 11th June
  • Wed 15th June
  • Sat 18th June (final one!)

You can, of course, come down yourself at any time to watch Derby's peregrines! 

Cathedral Green is the pleasant, grassy area at the rear of Derby Cathedral which gives excellent views of the peregrine nest platform. See Map

It's a public open space, close to the city centre, and often with other things happening too (especially in this Jubilee Year). So do come down to watch the growing falcons for yourself at any time of day you like as it's close to the city centre with its shopping and food outlets. Mornings are best for viewing the chicks in their nest since the sun casts a heavy shade on it by the afternoon, and you could be looking up into the sun. Come along on one of the days listed above and meet us there! 

It's free!
Watch Points are entirely free, though if you enjoy your time with us (and viewing the birds online), a donation is always welcome! The funds we receive from generous donations helps to pay for our webcameras and for staff to maintain the project and develop new activities.

Come by bicycle and park your bike securely and for free at BikeWorks nearby.

SCHOOLS: if there are any teachers reading this who might like either a visit to their school by the project or perhaps to come to Derby to see the birds 'for real' then do get in touch via Subject to volunteer availability, we may also be able to offer Skype classroom chats with one of our peregrine experts, providing these are teacher-led. Find out more here.

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