Thursday, 31 July 2008

All quiet on the western front

As was expected, there's not much action to be seen from our web cams now - just the occasional presence of an adult or juvenile bird maybe. So maybe it's time to spend more hours at the pub? The Peregrine is in Chaddesden in Derby and was named after our birds.....they even have some pictures of them up on the walls!

One solution - assuming you can't cope with blank screens (or indeed the pub!) is to make a virtual visit to the other hemispere and watch peregrines in Australia, where the peregrine breeding cycle is just starting up.

Try Frodocam at

They have a blog going this year, run by someone at the local newspaper who hosts the webcams.
Of course, if you get hooked, don't forget to keep an occasional eye on Derby and to re-join us next spring!
Nick B (DWT)


Ann ( Canada ) said...

Hello everyone, can you give me the exact address of the pub in Chaddesden. Would like to visit it in November when I am in England for the Cliff Richard concert. My husband lived in in Chaddesden. I am born and bred in Derby. Still waiting for my d.v.d. to arrive. I am so looking forward to it. Are your camera's going to be operaing for the rest of the year? ( Ann in Canada )

Karen Anne said...

Hi, Ann,

I found a web page at

with the address and photos. It looks very cozy.

It says it's at:
490-492 Nottingham Road

Ann ( Canada ) said...

Hi Karen Anne, thank you so very much for answering my question. It does indeed look a nice place. Will have to check it out while visiting. Pubs sure have taken on a whole different atmosphere in England since I lived there. Thanks again it is much appreciated.
Best wishes, Ann

Anonymous said...

hello everyone.
i live 5 minutes from the pub in Chaddesden.
it is managed by a lovely young couple, Becky and Ashley. i used to drink in a couple of pubs around chaddesden and derby, but after experiencing the peregrine i dont want to drink anywhere else. its that good.
this bar is very cosy and caters for sport events very well.
food: i dont tend to eat in bars as i dont like food that is just thrown out of a kitchen in 2 minutes. i eat all the time at the Peregrine as the food is brilliant there. i just cant praise the pub enough. if i was a tourist coming to Derby, this pub would be everything i would want and more.
a great comunity pub!!!