About Us

Here's some background on the people and organisations behind Derby's amazing peregrines.
Do read our Introduction for more on the birds themselves.  We are a friendly bunch, so feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, or get engaged in other ways.

The Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project was set up in 2006 to help a pair of wild peregrine falcons breed successfully on Derby Cathedral's tower. It is a partnership between:

The Project Team 2022 consists of Nick Moyes (Technical Advisor); Nick Brown (Lead Volunteer); Alice Smith (Peregrine Protection Trainee) with support from DWT staff Emma Dickinson-Wood and Diane Gould.

Project Management 
The Project is now managed by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.
Lisa Witham is currently responsible for overall project management.
Carol Thomas is The Cathedral Administrator who represents The Cathedral.
Eve Taylor from Derby Cathedral Quarter represents local business and tourism interests.
Derby City Council (on who's IT networks we are totally dependent upon for webcam connectivity) is a silent partner, but always welcome to attend project meetings.
Nick Brown and Nick Moyes jointly maintain the blog, webcams and answer day-to-day queries and comments.

Contact Us:

You can reach us in many ways:
  • Leave a Blog comment on the most recent post here
  • Contact us via Twitter here
  • Contact us via Facebook here
  • Write to the Peregrine Project c/o Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, East Mill, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1XL.
  • Telephone DWT on 01773 881188 (during office hours)
  • Or email: peregrines@derbyshirewt.co.uk
  • Visit our WatchPoints on Derby's Cathedral Green during the breeding season.
  • Support Us: See our Donations page

History of the project
In 2005, head verger Tony Grantham contacted the wildlife trust about the bird remains he was finding outside the Cathedral. It transpired that a pair of peregrine falcons was using the tower as a safe place to roost. That spring the birds displayed to one another but in the absence of any flat ledge on which to lay eggs, they disappeared only to re-appear later in the autumn.

By spring 2006 they were displaying again, so a purpose made nest platform was erected on the East side of the tower. The birds adopted it immediately. They laid three eggs and fledged three young in July. Thousands came to see the birds for themselves, and they became stars of the local media.

In 2007 two web cameras were fixed to the nest platform. Images of the birds were beamed across the globe via Derby City Council's website. In 2008, a further camera was sited above the nest, looking horizontally at places where the birds liked to perch, preen, feed and even mate.

Every year since 2006 the same pair of falcons has nested successfully at Derby Cathedral.

By late 2021, nearly 4 million hits had been registered to the web cams and blog.

Between 2012-2015 the project received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund which will enable it to develop on many fronts. In June 2012 Nick Moyes was appointed as part-time Technical Advisor. .