Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Fantastic new DVD offer!

The Peregrines of Derby Cathedral DVD price has been cut to £6 so now is the time to buy a copy if you don't already have one.
Front cover of peregrione DVD - price now reducedDelta Echo Media, the company that produced the DVD, have now covered their costs and want to contribute to the project rather than take any profit which means that when you buy a copy at this new price, almost all of your money will go directly to the three project partners.

Ashley Sims, of Delta Echo Media, said:

" We have enjoyed been associated with the peregrine project and been greatly impressed by the passion and incredibly hard work of everyone involved, so much so that, we have decided not to make any profit from this venture, instead preferring to give everything over and above the direct production costs directly back to the project partners".

So, please buy a copy now if you don't have one already, in the knowledge that most of your outlay will come directly back to support our work.
{If you have bought one at the original price, please think that only because you did so has Ashley been able to make this great offer to us now!}

To get a copy by post, just phone the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on 01773 881188 in office hours and we'll send you one at £6 (exclusive of postage) the same day.

As they say: Hurry while stocks last and while you have withdrawal symptoms!
Follow this link to find our more, or to read viewer testimonials of the DVD
Nick B (DWT)


Anna, Ripley said...

Birdie look very snug in the nest box.

Anna, Ripley

Anonymous said...

'Someone' on the pud cam. First glimpse for a few days!!!

Audrey (UK) said...

Good to see bird on the cam. Hope the DVD's sell out, if anyone has not got one, boy are they missing a treat!!

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Thanks for the DVD plug Audrey!
Everyone who has watched he DVD (including Mr. Packham himself) has been highly complimentary about it!
BTW: the immature peregrine is back on its roost site on East Mill in Belper some 10 miles north of Derby this evening. East Mill houses the offices of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. It was last seen there in easrly spring.
Nick B (DWT)

Anonymous said...

perhaps we should be considering putting a platform on the mill who knows what could result in the future!!

Anonymous said...

My house overlooks the East Mill in Belper, and only a few days ago I saw a peregrine fly over quite close. I shall be keeping a lookout for the local peregrine and hope that he/she decides to stay a while! Nick

Anonymous said...

While visiting the East Mill the week before last, as we parked at the car park nearest the A6 entrance we were showered with great clumps of feathers from high up on the mill (pigeon by the look of them)and we wondered that could this possibly be one of the peregrine falcons preparing lunch! Have also heard their distinctive call around the Bridge Hill/Bridge Foot area.

Michael. said...

I like the new 'perch' ! put up in the background on the web cam on the ledge view.

Nick B. can you push the DVD on the big screen in the marketplace ?, maybe show clips ?.

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 9.00am
close up on the pudding cam

Mary Tong said...

Ordered the DVD today - more than willing to pay previous price and donate money to the Peregrine fund. Really enjoyed watching the fascinating story of these beautiful birds.

Thanks to all the team - hope to see you next year if you need some help.

Best wishes from South Wales.

Froona said...

Everybody loving the peregrine falcon should have this terrific DVD!! It's great!!
I already wrote about it on my Blog en will do so again.
I hope it sells completely out!
You are all doing a fantastic job!!
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm suffering from empty-nest syndrome...sigh...

Audrey (London UK) said...

No sign of life on any of the cams - severe withdrawal symptoms!!

Froona - your recommendation for the DVD on your site is superb - hopefully there will be a 'sell-out'. Am sure Nick will let us know.

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Thanks to Froona and others for testimonials on the DVD...we've sold quite a few more at the new price already. Since they are made to order, I guess 'stocks' are unlimited....so 'hurry while stocks last' was a bit of marketing hype!
By the way, donations to the project in the last few weeks have now topped the £8000 mark -so a big thank you to everyone who has contributed...but please do keep them coming! let's hit £1000!
Nick B (DWT)

Terry, Herts UK said...

Can't wait til payday to order my DVD.

Anyone suffering withdrawal symptoms really should check out Froona's blog. Fantastic pictures, lots of interesting information and links to other websites.

Karen Anne said...

Nick B,

£8000? Or £800? For a minute there, I thought the project was doing really well :-)

audrey (London UK) said...

Just logged on, and lo and behold a peregrine on the cam!! Beautiful sight.................!!!!

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 7.17pm

YES! falcon on the scrape :-)

John L said...

May I add my congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in the project. The peregrines have been a joy to watch and if anyone is suffering from falcon-withdrawal and still feeling 'broody', they may like to take a peek at the RSPB webcam that is monitoring a pair of Hobbies somewhere in the New Forest. There are three eggs in the nest and they cannot be far off hatching:

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 9.43am
bird on the pudding cam
I too am watching the nest in the new forest

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Yes sorry; not £8000 worth of donations unfortunately - just £800 - but a very valuable £800 and a big thanks you to everyone who has contributed so far! Getting that figure up to £1000 would be great.....so keep the donations flowing!

Nick B

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 12.08am
falcon on the pudding cam

Anonymous said...

Falcon 'at home' on pud cam, wonderful!!

Terry, Herts UK said...


Mum was on the ledge with a pigeon for lunch until flying off with it.

Anonymous said...

Any news on 003 anyone?


Anonymous said...

pax Canada 8.26am
falcon on the scrape :-)

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 3.53pm
birdon the pudding cam, eating I think

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 8.44pm
2 on the pudding cam, one on the scrape

Anonymous said...

Falcon on pudding cam!!!!

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

I think we have to assume 003 is dead, sad as that is for us to contemplate (and for me especially since I rescued her and held her in my hands!)
Even at rural nest sites, many fledgling peregrines don't survive the early days of flying, so we have to expect some lossesa t this stage, sad as it is.
Nick B (DWT)

Anonymous said...

Was the bird vet checked on its fall or was it just placed back.
Sad news but you never know might be around some where?(LETS HOPE)

Karen Anne said...

Hi, anon,

I am going to guess 003 was not vet checked. I watch a lot of raptor sites (a benefit of being retired), and if a fledgling seems okay, it seems to be standard to place him or her back immediately.

I am guessing 003 ran into some trouble later. There are lots of perils for a fledgling anywhere, but esp. in a city. Collisions, a disease called frounce, etc.

Like you, I am hoping 003 is still out there and well.

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

003 wasn't vet checked as she seemed pefectly OK and we don't have a local vet who is experienced with birds of prey. Our main aim was to get her back up to the top of the tower.
Next year we will at least try to identify the nearest vet willing and able to examine peregrines before any should they come to ground.
Nick B (Derbyshire Wildlife Trust)