Saturday, 3 March 2007

Aerial Action

Reports were received today of aerial display by the pair in the skies to the east of the tower and of the male bringing prey for the female which she then took down to the platform.
Arriving half an hour later with the telescope, a small group of passers-by soon gathered in the sunshine. The female was sitting on the platform edge looking out. She seemed huge, her breast feathers fluffed out. The male, looking tiny by comparison (and with a much yellower cere and darker head than the female) was in the tiny crevice directly above the platform, feeding.
Apparently one of last year's juveniles is still returning to the tower, usually in the late afternoon and perhaps is roosting there still.
Also, while the peregrines were away the other day, a crow was seen to steal a dead fieldfare which had been stashed in a lead gutter close to the gargoyles (as shown).

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