Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Eggs for Easter?

Last year, due to late organising and planning on our part, followed by three weeks of inclement weather, the new nest platform was put up really very late (5th April). Egg laying followed sometime towards the end of April we think, very late compared to other pairs elsewhere.
This year of course, thanks to the cameras, we will know exactly what's going on in the platform and should be able to see clearly when the first egg is laid and what the clutch size is.
Experience elsewhere suggests that our pair, now a year older, will breed earlier this year and in each succeeding year.
The experienced pair on St Michael's Church in Exeter laid eggs well before the end of March last year...could ours be that early this time around?
Possibly not but time will tell and anyway, better not to count your eggs until they are laid, nevermind hatched!
The next few weeks should see an intensification of courtship. Last year, excited office workers in Amen Alley rang the wildlife trust with reports of noisy aerial displays, clearly audible above the rumble of city traffic.......something to watch and listen out for should you be in town.

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