Thursday, 18 September 2008

September Update

Our webcams are fairly quiet now that this year's young have grown up and moved away.

But there are still things to see. Passing Derby Cathedral in the morning, it's likely that I'll spot one of our adult birds perched somewhere on the ancient stone tower.

It's nice to see the bird in real life, and then arrive in my office a few minutes later and be able to continue watching the bird over one of our webcameras. Other have been lucky and watched a bird feeding in full view of our tower-top camera, sometimes even at night.

In these quiet days it is rare that both adults are seen in view together, so today it was nice to be able to catch this shot on one of our nest platform cameras. The nest scrape is obviously still being maintained in a good state, though it will be many months before it gets used for nesting again.

Anyone keen to watch nesting peregrines right now will have to visit Frodocam, or the Alcoa Anglesea webcams, both in Australia, or catch up on a lot of other world-wide peregrine news on Froona's blog, over in Holland.

Follow this link for more information on our own peregrine project, including technical details of how our set-up operates.

We'd like to take this chance to wish Canon Nicholas Henshall from Derby Cathedral all the very best in his new post in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Nicholas features on our Peregrine DVD and is a well-known Radio Derby presenter. He will be much missed.


Anonymous said...

It's great to check in and still see the peregrines around. I dont know if they are the adults or the young but most days at some point someone is home on one of the views. Just now there are two, one on the platform and one looking up at it from below in the same cam. Brilliant!

Karen Anne said...

If I were moving away from Derby and the peregrines, I would be bummed out.

Anonymous said...

12.16am Pax Canada
falcon on the pudding cam