Tuesday 14 November 2023

Autumn is over!

As we move into winter, with longer nights and shorter days, our peregrine pair remain active on the tower with the female visiting the nest platform regularly and some bonding behaviour also being observed.
Dave Farmer took this excellent photo of her the other day as he walked past below:

Dave Farmer's photo taken last week 

In addition Wendy Bartter continues to make many video clips and to put the links in the comments accessed at the foot of each blog post.
This recent video shows a long bonding session:

The Project Team
This project is managed by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust with The Cathedral, Derby City Council and Cathedral Quarter as partners in its success. The project began in 2006.


Wendy Bartter said...

Many thanks to Dave Farmer for that lovely picture of our female!

A small clip below showing the female getting excited & scraping in the nest ... but the male did not appear

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that the pidgeon pair are nesting again in their favourite corner under the Peregrine nestbox ... that must feel safe there!

Peregrine Project Member (Nick M.) said...

@Anonymous: Pigeons seem willing to nest almost anywhere. I have a pair taken up residence behind my solar panels, and seem intent on breeding. If only I knew how to lay my hands on a pair of hungry peregrine falcons!

Wendy Bartter said...

Female was all excited again this morning but her mate didn't turn up til she had flown!

Wendy Bartter said...

Hi Nick M, that was me posting about the pigeon on the nest, a glitch prevented my name being shown, actually shot myself in the foot by doing factory reset on my tablet & had to start again but everything different ... it's a conspiracy!!!
Your nesting pigeons know where they are well off! Lol

Wendy Bartter said...

Two visits this morning, still trying to work out if female both times or female first then the male?

Wendy Bartter said...

A very long drawn out bonding session this morning starting with the female calling for the male who can be seen to fly over a couple of times, good opportunity to study Peregrine behaviours