Thursday, 23 June 2022

Hen harrier nest web cam and news of Hen Harrier Day

Now our Derby web cams are showing an empty nest, you can watch a new and exciting web cam trained on a hen harrier nest in SW Scotland, organised by Hen Harrier Action:

Tarras Valley Nature Reserve: Hen Harrier Nest-Cam☀️18/06/22 - YouTube

Currently the female has small chicks but as they grow, the action in the nest will increase.......
As you may know, hen harriers in the UK (and especially in England) are at a very low ebb, threatened by persistent and totally illegal persecution on driven grouse shooting moorland.

Chris Packham examines a hen harrier killed by an illegal leg trap

Read more about the
'disappearance' of two male hen harriers on the Derbyshire Peak District moors earlier this spring on the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's website:
Sudden disappearance of two male hen harriers in Peak District | Derbyshire Wildlife Trust .

And if you live in Cheshire or can travel there, Hen Harrier 'Fest' this year is near Macclesfield on 24th July:

Hen Harrier Fest 2022 - Wild Justice

This is the first 'real' Hen Harrier day since the excellent one at Carsington in Derbyshire in 2019 attended by over 1500 people with speakers including Iolo Williams and Chris Packham!

Iolo Williams at Carsington Hen Harrier Day 2019

A minibus is available to take anyone wanting to go to HHF. For details please contact us at .

The Project Team
Ps There's a lovely nest cam on a pair of hobby's with small chicks in Dorset here:
Hobby (Falco subbuteo) LIVE nest camera, Dorset, UK, 2022 - YouTube 



Sue from Bucks said...

I'm so cross with myself that I didn't spot the Hen Harrier cam information until today and of course, I'm too late (the birds have literally flown and the camera now has barn owls) That will teach me. It is fabulous news that there will be a "for real" Hen Harrier Day after the covid pandemic emergencies. However, the situation is still feeling a little fragile although I do believe we are getting there at long last. I'm so sorry I didn't get up to lovely Derby this year but I've been with you in spirit my beloved best peregrine project. Hope to see you next year!

Helen said...

Lovely to see the adult male peregrine on the platform this morning. He looks a bit hot and bothered and has moved into the corner to find a bit of shade. Lots of calling in the background that sounds like juveniles begging for food.