Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Displaying already

Antony Pooles, one of our Watch Point volunteers who passes the cathedral regularly, reports seeing some display between the pair on the cathedral tower a few days ago:

He wrote:
“There was  a nice bit of early pre-breeding interaction by the Derby pair this afternoon (Dec 19th) with some 'ee-chupping' from the female and bowing by both. All very promising for 2021!”

He reports that the new female in residence seems to be a feisty individual and that we may be in for an exciting breeding season. His photo above shows both adult birds on the top of the tower.

On the web cam front, we have renewed hope that serious attempts will be made by the city council’s IT unit to establish connectivity in January….fingers crossed on that!

Meanwhile, merry Solstice, festive greetings and let’s hope for a better New Year. 

Stay safe

The Project Team.



Kate said...

Thank you all and especially Anthony.

Oh how, we all miss being able to see live footage of these wonderful Birds,
and truly hope connectivity will happen ,sooner rather than later.

Take care everyone in these very uncertain times,hope 2021 will allow us back to more stable life.

Christmas Blessings

ren13 said...

Looking forward to more good news, cams up and viable eggs on platform would be so nice...