Monday, 3 July 2017

School work and more photos

Report on the Watch Point on Saturday 8th July:
With over 400 visitors it was another very busy watch point. Several people had come down to the Green after hearing an item about the birds on Radio Derby earlier in the morning ( ). Note that the presenter says that this was the last Watch Point when there will be one next Saturday 15th all being well (check this blog mid week to be sure though!!).
There was plenty to see, with one of the juveniles perched higher up on the tower for most of the day. It was joined by one of the other juveniles for a short while, both birds enjoying the warm sunny weather. The adult female bird also spent some time sitting on the side of the tower. At one point she took off only to return to the Silk Mill museum a few minutes later with some prey.
After plucking and eating some of it herself she then flew back over to the Cathedral and tried to tempt the juvenile from its perch by first showing it the prey and then flying away from the tower. The juvenile was having none of it though and waited for the adult bird to land back on the tower and feed it directly. We had great views through the telescopes as the female tore off tiny pieces of meat to pass to her youngster.

Joyce Sawford, one of our excellent band of volunteers, took this video:

The male bird appeared later in the afternoon, sitting on the nearby hotel. There were lots of special moments but one that really stood out was when a little girl who was only about 5 years old approached the telescopes and immediately held up the teddy bear she was carrying so it could have a look!  
Go on teddy, you have a look at a peregrine!
Photo: Marc Whitlock

Other visitors included some past pupils from Brigg Infant School (whose work is sometimes shown on the blog - see below), so it was lovely to see them still showing such an interest in the birds. Visitors were clearly delighted to see the close up views of the birds, most of whom were seeing a peregrine falcon for the very first time. When the watch point finished at around 3.45pm the female was sitting on the platform, with the juvenile looking down from above.

Brigg Infant School in South Normanton always produces great artwork on the topic of peregrines, a subject which the children (aged only 6 and 7) really seem to enjoy.
Peregrine display at Brigg Infant School
The children also put comments on the blog which gives then experience both of IT and of writing.
Their teacher, Helen Naylor, also helps at the Saturday Watch Points so there's a strong link between the project and the school.
Helen said:
"Emerald class have really enjoyed watching the peregrines this year. One of the highlights was when we spotted the arrival of the new male bird. We've shared lots of great moments over the past few months, from watching the eggs being laid to the chicks hatching and fledging."
Hopefully the experience will last with the children into adulthood....though that's a long way off!

More photos
Dave Farmer sent us some super photos which he took in June - so many thanks to him! Here are a couple for you to enjoy:
Just look at my under wing - how neat is that! Photo: Dave Farmer

Flying free. Photo Dave Farmer
Recent sightings on the platform/scrape/ it what you will!
Kate and Wendy have spotted the male back on the nest platform a couple of times recently.
Kate's screengrabs are on the Derby Peregrines flickr site.

The Project Team


kate said...

Brill Blog.

Super pics thank you David Farmer.

Helen your class certainly get involved with the Peregrines, love the replica Bird in the childrens corner and their descriptive paintinges.

Emerald Class said...

we tried our best,to find all the peregrines on all those webcams,sometimes they were on the right side,so we had to look on the other webcam. we were all so exited/happy that we saw the chicks they were so fluffy,BUTT for some reason they grew so fast. We have also seen some of the eggs hatch.The eggs were redish-brown. WE have been using this website a LOT and been learning about peregrines in our class a LOT. thank you for showing our work.we hope you enjoyed looking at our peregrine picetures in our class room. We were exsied to see the chics fly for the first time ever.

kate said...

Hello Emerald Class, yes we have really enjoyed your participation and pleased you all have enjoyed watching the Peregrines, and hope you will be posting maybe individually again next year.

Our Male is on the front edge at the moment, (pic on Flkr)

Helen said...

Great to see one of the juvenile birds sitting on the platform this morning, looking fit and well. Having a good preening session!

Joyce S said...

Link to video -

Joyce S said...

The radio interview begins at 2hrs 13minutes into the show.