Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year - and a question for you

Happy New Year!
2017 will see a refreshed Peregrine Project. We now have a new platform; we have a new IT partner in Connect Derby, and we now have new cameras, too.

The plan below shows where our five camera will be positioned. We aim to have most of these connected up in the next few weeks. And there will probably be at least three live pages for you to watch.

But we have a question for those of you who have watched the still images which refresh every six seconds or so . . .   basically, do you still need them? 

We know most of you watch our live streams with audio, but we want to hear from anyone who has had problems with these, and have found our static pages more useful.
It may be that we should now convert all our streams to fully live audio/video, but don't want to inconvenience those of you who do find this helpful. Just leave a comment on this page, or email us at

And, as a taster of what's to come, here are three views from CAM 4 which we have just fitted. As you can see, we'll soon be be able to turn it to give a skyline view of Derby, or zoom right into the closest part of the nest.

Last year we received over 395,000 visits to our webcams and blog, and have just reset our annual counters.
So,  watch this space . . .


kate said...

Hi Nick and Team
Awh! you are all so great , thinking of your viewers, when you are already snowed under with getting things back and working.

Only a few weeks to go. my eyes are peeled and will be so good to see our birds again,Sheffield and a new set of Cams at Kingston college already showing Bird activity, which has been ongoing throughout closed season.

Re stills I will leave it to others with more experience and am sure Wendy will be commenting soon, when she sees this post.

Heather said...

Personally would be quite happy with just live audio streaming especially if it makes things easier for everyone. Lets hope our birds appreciate their new home. If they only knew all the trouble our magnificent Team have gone through to enable us to view all the comings and goings of their daily lives. Congratulations on a splendid effort!

Paul said...

I only look at the still pictures if the live camera is not available.
Looked for birds at 2:30 today, but didn't see either of them.

Wendy Bartter said...

Hi Nick, looks like a great set-up which I am itching to see up & running & try test recording ahead of egg hatching if possible! Will email you my comments tomorrow!

Sue Hetherington said...

Hello Nick, this is your friend Sue whose ignorance you'll be shocked at. Before I carry on with shocking you, I must say Happy New Year to all the team and thank you for all you've done in the past and all I know you'll do in the future.
Which camera do I prefer ..... well, any one that I can make work on my DESKTOP computer! Not all of the links work for me (is there much on the system that you've now skewed towards mobile phone usage? If so, that's something I'm never going to use) I've also found the links a bit confusing - at the top level it invites me to choose between STREAMS (does this equate exactly to "camera"?) 1, 2 and 3. If I choose, say, 1 then when I'm at 1, it invites me to choose 2, 3 or 4.
The diagram of how things work is jolly useful though, maybe if I sit and study it the penny will drop! However, maybe you need something that is intuitive and easy to use for people like me who want to spend time looking at the peregrines rather than grappling with tekkie stuff.
I know how important mobile phones are in this day and age but please don't forget us people who still use desktop computers.

kate said...

Hi Sue
I still use laptop/desktop and did not have a problem.

The links alongside the BLOG shows Quick link List of webcams i.e at the moment
Quick Links
WEBCAM Stream 1 (offline until 2017)
WEBCAM Stream 2 (offline until 2017)
WEBCAM Stream 3 (offline until 2017)
WEBCAM Stream 4 (Best live view with sound) (offline until 2017)
if you click first(Webcam Stream 1 it will show a static picture( as offline at the moment re the works etc)
UNDERNEATH that picture it shows the
Stream 2
Stream 4
and by clicking one of those would take you to different view

Hope that may help and clarify for you
Granny Kate who is no whiz kid techie CHOL:):)

Hilary, B'ham. said...

How wonderful the new "des res" looks. I'll bet some of the workmen down below are now converts to Peregrine watching. It's been a long hard job for the team but it's all looking so promising. So special that Ashley was happy to donate to the project in such a special way. I'm sure John is watching and smiling.
Thank you to all the Peregrine Project team and to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust for their hard work. Looking forward to the coming season!!!!