Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Last minute clean up...and a new team member

Nick Moyes has abseiled down to the platform to clean it up every year since 2006 when it was first put in place. However, this year he has sustained a back problem which has prevented him from doing this important job.
Luckily, and just at the last minute, he managed to find another 'Nick' (this one is Nick E) who, with his climbing partner Pam as support, was willing to do the task for us. Both are members of a local climbing club.
With a brief window of suitable weather today, Nick E abseiled down and has made a good job of clearing up the platform and cleaning and re-aligning the cameras.
Many thanks to both Nick and Pam for standing in at such short notice!
Plans to install a new camera on the platform had to be postponed in Nick M's enforced absence. Hopefully it may be put up later in the season. Similarly, the faulty 'pud cam' camera that looks across the ledge at the top of the tower (towards Jurys Inn) cannot be replaced until Nick M's back is better.

On with the show....
Our peregrines are so determined to breed that our interference with the platform substrate will not deter them for one minute. Whether they know how lucky they are to get a cleaned-up nest each year we rather doubt but we look forward to seeing display and nest scraping resuming again very quickly. If you see either, please leave a comment on the blog - it's really helpful to us since we spend less time watching the web cams than most of you do! Many thanks.

A new addition to the team
This summer, with Ian Layton leaving us at the end of the three-year lottery grant period, we have a new team member, Emma Wood joining us.
Emma works as a People Engagement Officer for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust so she's well qualified to take over from Ian and we look forward to seeing her at this summer's Watch Points, which, along with school and community work, she will be organising and running.

Emma inspects the top of the tower for the first time
with Jurys Inn behind. Both birds were on the lettering!
Calling all teachers!
If there are any teachers reading this during half term who feel inspired to use the web cams and the project in class (there are some excellent FREE resources boxes available) we'll put up a post about them soon.
Meanwhile, welcome aboard Emma!

Nick B for the Project Team


Heather said...

Firstly sorry to hear that Nick M's back has prevented him doing his annual task of cleaning the scrape, didn't realise he'd been doing it since 2006 - get well soon Nick.
Secondly many thanks to Nick E (you really are trying to confuse us!) and his trusty companion Pam for stepping in and making such a good job of the scrape it really looks immaculate. It was getting in a pretty bad state with even grass shooting up through the stones. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say "thank you" for all your efforts and let's hope it won't be long before we get the first signs of "Love is in the Air"!!

Anonymous said...

Nice surprise when I viewed today and saw the cleaned up platform - ready to go for another year. Thanks I just love watching and passed the details of the website to all our bird watching friends. We are so lucky to have this facility . Thank you

Paul said...

Female vigourously digging out scrape ay 9:30 Thursday morning.

Kate said...

Thanks Paul
Back on scrape now 15.20.ish been in the shingle and then checked out the slate side now sitting on the ledge.

Henfeathers said...

Yesterday the pair did a real fast fly in, lots of proclaiming nesting rights and mantling circle, quite spectacular, lucky to see that, then today the female spent a long while there squeeing and calling and indenting the gravel, definitely going to lay eggs soon.

Kate said...

on usual corner place on ledge 06.30ish..pic on flkr

Kate said...

Back on the edge perusing.11.00

@ Heather feathers, am sure that was spectacular, wonder if you will be capturing and posting to group pool( Link in quick links above left) that would have been lovely to see, what sort of time of day?

Henfeathers said...

Hi Kate - sorry I was so fascinated I didn't think at all and didn't dare blink and will definitely capture pic next time. The mantling dance was around 10.25 am I think, as I remember mornings seemed to be best for the action!

Kate said...

Lots of talking to each other earlier this morning, and now just one on the far edge

Kate said...

Morning all
Already on the far end of tray this morning.

Wonder if you would enjoy this 'You Tube' that' Wendy B' made yesterday.