Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sleepy Heads

It's hard to believe that not too many weeks ago we had tiny, fluffy white chicks - now look at them!

The first picture below was captured on Webcam 4 late last night when the young birds had their heads well and truly tucked down into their feathers.

For those of you enjoying watching our peregrines via Webcam 4 - an appeal please.  . .
 . . We have considerably exceeded our bandwidth allowance on this one webcam (by around 300Gb last month). To avoid extra charges, Streamdays we are going to reduce the bitrate on the stream later today. Please let us know if you find the image quality has deteriorated too much, and we'll work on another solution
Everyone can do their bit by closing their browser and not leaving the live stream running in the background when not required. Obviously, having a 24/7 webcam in the window of Derby Cathedral Centre on Irongate doesn't help either (!)- but it's good to have our birds visible on the streets, day and night. And we hope you enjoy watching as we build up to fledging time!

Webcam 4 -  so popular we've used up our bandwidth allowance!

Flickr picture, captured by Kate.


Norma said...

Norma said...
Nick, could you please give us any update as I can't find any more on blog since you said on ringing day 23/5 :-
"Ant, our ringer, has suggested that this year we have two males and a female. More on which is which, and what ring number they each have later on in the week." Are you any nearer to being able to enlighten us? Kind Regards Norma (Heanor)
11 June 2014 06:47

Norma said...

Help! I can only see 2 youngsters! has 1 fallen or flown? Norma

Norma said...

Theres a bird up on stonework near drain pipe view right near camera which i've never seen before but can't see if its an adult or youngster! There was also adult on pipe which is usually dad i think! has anyone sen anything?

Abby-Lynn said...

Around 6 am one of the chicks flew off the ledge and mom went after it. It has not come back.

Nick B (DWT) said...

Amm off to cathedral to check right now.
Nick B (DWT)

Norma said...

Abby-Lynn, Thank you for that knew the eldest was perched on the edge looking out longily! yesterday, does anyone know if its ok though? P.S. thanks Nick

Jean said...

Is there any news on the chick that flew the nest this morning ? Hope he / she is safe !!!

Nick B (DWT) said...

It seems the juvenile that flew landed on the nave roof below though we haven't been able to make a visual check yet.
What we did see was the female dive down onto the nave roof (and out of our sight)- something I've never seen her do before. So it seems very likely that the juvenile is there and she took food to it.
No one goes out on the roof so it will be quite safe there.
We'll try to keep you updated.
Thanks for the warnings this morning that one had flown.
Nick B (DWT)

Lorraine said...

There is still a bird on the tower that looks like our mother bird ( the tiercel is on the corbel directly under the scrape ) Perhaps both adults will remain close by whilst they keep an eye on the eager-beaver juvenile who has flown down onto the naive roof.

I'm sure he/she will be fine in this spell of warm weather and we'll no doubt see it return to the scrape once it realizes it has a better chance of sharing a snack up there!