Monday, 28 January 2013

Cold off the press...

On a drafty and cold day in Derby, our local BBC radio station ran a live interview with both Ian Layton, our new Engagement Officer and Nick Moyes, now our Project Technical Advisor.
Nick Moyes, Radio reporter and Ian Layton
talk live on air....

While Ian talks, Nick M. puts a message out on Twitter
BBC Radio Derby's Nigel Cash arrived without the normal van that has an 8 metre high aerial to relay signals back to base. So, after a few communication problems, he finally managed to make contact with Radio Derby HQ, and the live interview started.

You can listen to it on Sally Pepper's show at 1hr:48min  in to the programme.

Meanwhile, Nick Moyes, while waiting to be interviewed, was busy tweeting photographs of Ian being interviewed...

We all wanted to get back inside (it really was very cold!) but Nigel insisted on taking photos of Ian from various angles for the radio station's website.

Note that Sally Pepper gets the two of us Nicks confused right at the end of the interview - but that happens to us all the time!

Nick B. (unofficial photographer to the project!)


Caroline said...

Well done Ian and Nick M! Just listened to the Radio Derby interview. You're right Ian, crooked spires are amazing but nothing beats seeing a peregrine for the first time. The webcams are brilliant but I'll never forget coming to Derby and seeing them with my own eyes for the first time. Everyone who cares about them was so friendly too.

Be great if you can get more young people interested.

Welcome aboard!


Project Member - Ian L said...

Hi everyone. Just a quick line to introduce myself as the new kid on the team - and especially to say thanks for all those lovely welcoming posts people have sent. It feels really good to be joining a project that not only has to do with the falcons, but also so many friendly folk too!

I've just been speaking to Nick M and we'll put a proper post up in the next week or so, explaining what my part of the project is all about - and where it fits into the wider picture.

Can I just ask whether other people out there who use Explorer 8 are having real difculties using the blog?

Looking forward to meeting with folks at the Watch Points over the coming months - and sharing the magic of the peregrines!

christine said...

Hi nick m. Just wondered wen the other webcam will be up and running? From Christine

AnnieF. said...

A belated Welcome, Ian! I'm sure you'll love the job and of course, we peregrine fans are some of the best people you'll get to meet!
There's a peregrine preening on the nestbox ledge, rhs. It's good to see.

Project Member (Nick M.) said...

Hi Christine

Replacing towercam is both weather and time dependant. It's all ready to go - sitting on my kitchen table (much to my wife's annoyance). I need warm dry weather and a good couple of hours to take the camera up and to use a hot air paint stripper to heat shrink a waterproof tube around the connectors.
But before that, I need to prepare the focus and zoom settings. I have measured and pre-marked out the wall of my house so I can emulate the position of the three grotesques. Then I shove a 25m extension cable out through a door or window and try to set the camera up both in daylight and darkness for best focus range.

I also have an extra camera which will work via an internet cable. I only took delivery of the power supply today (called a midspan), so this will also need to be set up and a method determined for mounting. I hope to to this during February and install later this month, or early next month.

So, lots to do and so little time!
Simple answer to both questions: February to March.
Hope this informatin helps you see where we are at, IT-wise.
Nick M

Anonymous said...

There is a falcon I think on the nest ledge at 8.20am today