Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Donations, What Next? and an Update

Update Saturday 3rd July: no birds at the cathedral or on Jurys Inn early morning and just one juv. on the police aerial. The rest must be somewhere around. Under the cathedral I found a few teal feathers plus the wing of a quail.

Our birds took one in July last year and another later in the year..... The top right photo is from a Dutch 'bird feather ID' website. The one below is this morning's find at Derby. NB.


We would like to thank everyone who has donated so generously this year to the peregrine project. We have now exceeded our base target of £1500 which is what we need just to keep the web cams running for a further year.

In addition we have received a further £500 so far which will allow us to replace some existing equipment, reprint the leaflet, carry our some new publicity and perhaps, make some new innovations. The team will meet in the autumn and decide what developments we would like to make for 2011 and whether we have the funds to carry them out.

What next?
Although the adults are showing on the web cams from time to time, we expect many people to drift away from watching our birds and reading this blog now that the juveniles have fledged.

So, if this experience has opened your eyes to the wildlife around you - where can you turn next and what can (or maybe should) you do?

I would encourage everyone, wherever you may be, to support, donate to and where possible also join their local wildlife organisation. In Derbyshire this is the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) and you can find out more about what the trust does by visiting its website;

You can join DWT via the website or by phoning the Trust office on 01773 881188.
There are county wildlife trusts in every other part of the UK. To find you local one, whether it's Surrey WT or Scotland WT, visit the trusts national website

Then, why not visit your local nature reserves or attend a field or indoor meeting organised by the trust? Details are on their websites. The DWT website also features a weekly wildlife diary which is located in the 'news' section.

Carr Vale Nature Reserve near Bolsover
If you still have some money left over after donating to this project then there are many hundreds of deserving conservation projects both in the UK and abroad. For example, Terry has recently mentioned the great work that Birdlife Malta does trying to halt the slaughter of migrating birds (including many raptors) which pass over that island. The conservationists there are incredibly brave, facing physical attacks from the hunters and regular vandalism of their newly established nature reserves).

Obviously, DWT is the organisation we would hope to direct you to first and foremost since the trust has been a major partner and supporter of this project since its inception more than five years ago.

Nick B (DWT)

Ps. And don't forget the excellent project DVD 'The Peregrines of Derby' is still available at £9.95 (inclusive of p&p) from the museum and cathedral shops and by post from DWT by phoning 01773 881188.


Terri said...

Glad to say I've finally been able to send you a donation - cheque's in the post! Many thanks for your efforts. This is a fascinating project and has kept me entertained for hours once again this year. Best wishes, Terri

Nick B (DWT) said...

Thanks Terri - we are very grateful!
The more money we have the better we can make things next year.
Nick B (DWT)

Anonymous said...

it seems that the two youngsters are still about because for the second day running they have been seen flying high above my house and over towards breadsall

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nick for mentioning the Birdlife Malta project again although of course, your priorities quite rightly are the funds to keep the brilliant Derby Peregrine going. Fortunately, I imagine the Derby peregrines have no plans for migration!

Delighted you have reached your minimum target. Wish I could help financially but I need a job first, like so many others!

Thanks to everyone involved at Derby. It's been a fascinating, if somewhat sad at times season this year. But as always, hugely educational.

Thanks also to all my fellow bloggers. I may have upset one or two people along the way with my (sometimes forthright) views but reading this blog is always a worthwhile.

Terry, Herts UK

AnnieF. said...

@ Nick B (DWT)
Delighted that you've received enough funds to guarantee us another year of this terrific website, and that there's a bit extra in the pot as well. Let's hope the peregrines continue to thrive in & around Derby; and many thanks to all the Team and Volunteers for going the extra mile for us in spite of heavy workloads and private difficulties & commitments.
@ Terry, Herts
Keep on blogging! You are the grit in our oyster, your knowledge & experience are invaluable. Good luck with the job-hunting.

Craig said...

Many thanks for the update and congrats on reaching that amount.
Glad I could help; it was the least I could do for allowing us all to watch these wonderful birds.

I don't think I'll drift off so soon from watching, but I think I will (much to your delight) post less.

Kind regards to all,

Craig Allsopp, Nottingham

Mary T said...

Great news to hear that you managed to reach your target and glad to be of help with a donation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent watching the peregrines this year and will continue to keep an eye on "our birds". Glad they are doing well and will look out for regular updates.

Thanks once again to the team for your sterling work - it is much appreciated and nice also to have met the volunteers on the watchpoint days.

Very best wishes to everyone.


Terry, Herts UK said...

Annie - I've never heard that expression before, but I'm very touched :)

Suddenly, I feel like a 5'6" John Wayne.


Pam said...

It is worth every penny of a donation, and just regret I couldn't send more. I did however remember to buy a copy of your DVD this year, and that also is worth every penny.
Love these birds and look forward to seeing them raise another family next year.
In the meantime, I will watch mum and dad have their nightly 'date' on the tower.

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Pam: thanks for reminding me about the DVD - I'd forgotten to give it a plug so have added a final sentence now doing so.
Thanks again to everyone from the team for their words of support for the project - it is much appreciated.
We know it makes a big difference to many people's lives. In some cases, where people are house-bound or otherwise unable to get to see nature for real, the web cams have given them a lifeline to the fascinating world of nature and in some cases a new (and addictive) interest entirely.
Nick B (DWT)

Terry, Herts UK said...

bad news

good news

Craig said...

Thanks for the news Terry,

Bad news: Hope they catch the person.

Good news: I couldn't help but put on a big smile at that bird, it looks stressed out and a little tatty. Very amusing.
I notice it's feeding catapillars to the kids. It should come round my way for some food, our Josta has been stripped bare from the little things. Usually we have a family of Blue Tits nesting in a box at the end of the garden and they could keep numbers down, but they've not turned up this year. Not seen a great deal of sparrows and blackbirds in this area too.

Terry, Herts UK said...

Both adults were visible up on the tower cam early this morning. 7am'ish, I think.

Would be lovely to catch a glimpse of the juves on the cameras but it seems unlikely now. All reported sightings most welcome.

Terry, Herts UK said...

Craig - young Blackbirds, Finches and Tits all seem to be in low numbers this year, where I live. Some compensation is the surprisingly large number of Song Thrush fledglings that are about right now, which are a pleasure to see.

Nature's very fragile. I hope more people wake up to that fact before it's too late.

AnnieF. said...

@ Terry
Bad news: Appalling. I know what punishment I'd mete out to the b******s.
Good news: Wonderful! I've heard them described as "mucky robins" - very unfair, they're gorgeous!

"Our" robin didn't use his nestbox this year but recently brought his young to our garden to feed them. Yesterday he turned up at the back door, and this morning he was on the water-butt looking in the window, back to his old habits. It was great, as we thought we'd lost him.

Anonymous said...

I expected you to receive more donations than you have! Obviously a lot of people watching the cam have not given. I think this is a shame as the cams have given a lot of enjoyment to everyone. I hope you get a lot more in soon befor everyone goes off looking elsewhere now our peregrins have fledged.
Would it be possible to arrange doations through Paypal or other such site so it would be easier to push a button. I think people would sooner do that than make a phone call
Jean Scotland

Pax (Canada) said...

Another season concluded, thanks again to the crew who make this possible, I will be sticking around as usual :-) though I am off to visit my daughter in Australia in Sept. but I can still watch from there. Get some rest you guys, you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

11.30pm It looks as though there are two birds on the tower - see rhs. As someone pointed out earlier presumably they are the adults on their night time 'date'. Anon

Joy said...

Its been great watching yet again. If the donations go over the amount required what chace is there of having continuous video as some websites do?

@Terry Herts, thanks for your 'Good News' and 'Bad news'. The good news is great and the little video super to watch. The Bad news, I know what I'd like to do to the people concerned but it isn't recordable.

@Team thanks very much for another year even tho it has been very mixed,perhaps now you can have a break. In fairness I haven't watched quite as much because I got fed up with some of the comments, some seemed very 'silly'

Terry, Herts UK said...

Don't let silly comments put you off, Joy. The blog is moderated which in itself must be a mammoth task sometimes and I'm certain they filter out loads of far more silly, abusive or downright ignorant posts.

I often come across such people in the local supermarket but I still have to go shopping :)

Craig said...

07.00 Think we have a Juv. up the tower, either that or a mucky adult (unless it's the light and that she's fluffed up). Whichever, they're having a good preen. Added a picture to flickr so you can decide yourself.

Guessing it's a she; but she doesn't hold herself like the Falcon and Tiercel which we've been watching.

Moving on; to my breakfast, ttfn

Anonymous said...

I hope we have new diary entry soon. It would be a pity to leave the current one up all year, as the vaguely depressing pictures of maimed prey that come up on entry to the blog are far less inspiring than some of the other recent wonderful photographs of the birds.

Craig said...

@laugh at Anon 10.27's entry.

I don't find them at all "vaguely depressing", they are the wonderful pictures of life, especially for the Peregrines; if you believe otherwise you're living in a fantasy or with eyes wide shut. Sources of food and nurishment, and they have lovely feathers. I quite like them.

Anonymous said...

11.25pm Two peregrines on the stonework/tower back on their nightly vigil. I have to say I wish one could see them more often because they have opened my eyes to a different world. Anon

Terry, Herts UK said...

I can see both points of view.

Some more of Andy Byron's brilliant photos would most definitely be welcomed though! Does he have a website? Tried Google.

I am aware of the old adage, "Ask, don't get. Don't ask, don't want".


Andrew L - London SW1 said...

Glad you have got your funds to keep this amazing project up and running. I hope my dontation helped. Interesting as to Jean, Scotland's comments. I called to pay my donation (including the gift aid too!) by phone. I spoke to two lovely ladies who were really informative and helpful, and interesting. Keep it all up.

AnnieF. said...

Finally got round to ordering a copy of the DVD this morning ( grandson's birthday looming) & a lovely lady took the order & said she would post it this afternoon. How's that for service?!

AnnieF. said...

DVD arrived early this morning!

AnnieF. said...

I believe it's a juvenile that's perched on a corbel beneath the nestbox lhs. It's standing sideways and looking outwards, & seems smaller than when the adults perched there.

Anonymous said...

20.10 There are two peregrines one on the ledge of the nest and the other on the tower/stonework but I can't tell if they are adults of youngsters. Have the youngsters been seen flying around the area? Anon