Sunday, 18 October 2009

Burton neighbours

Here are some photos sent over to us of the Burton on Trent peregrines that nest high on the brewery tower in the middle of that town, some eight miles SW of Derby. Apparently they had three young this year.

The box was put up several years ago and the person who was responsible for it initially has now retired from the brewery. As you can see the box (just left of the bottom left of the red sign) is quite small compared to ours and it's no wonder that some juveniles come down to ground.
Apparently any fallers are quickly collected and taken up onto an acccessible flat roof where the parents can see and feed them.
The last photo shows one of the grounded youngsters. The whole site is secure of course, being an industrial complex.

More details on this site later when they come through.

Nick Brown (DWT)


Gio said...

And I missed them all the time.. :/

Thanks so much, Nick, the juv is a cutie! :D
This is a gift to me, can't wait til the next Summer.. maybe I'll not wait at all and try to visit my friends there as soon as possible! ;))

Gio said...

But those peregriness really need a better box... there's no ledge or what so ever to practice flapping, and more worriesome, no ledge or rooftop under the box. No wonder a lot of the fledgelings end up on the ground :-((
Wonder who'll do the fledgewatch now, a watch is absolutely necessary here!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read about the peregrines on the brewery (it used to be good old Bass when I lived there!!)
I will be in Burton for Christmas and may just have to pop down into town and check it out.

Steph (Canada)

Pax Canada said...

one close up on pudding cam, was staring straight into the cam at one point

Karen Anne said...

What about moving the box to the roof? Or are there people on the roof too often?

I can't remember which peregrine site in the U.S. is on a roof, so the chicks have lots of room to experiment.

Phoebe said...

That's good news to know that peregrines are nesting in Burton I didn't know about them. The photos are very good, thanks for letting us see them. I will try to get over there next year to see if they are still there.

I have posted some of the photos from when Ann and myself visited Colin to see Cathy. She was sitting on my fist in the first ones and then with Colin for the feeding ones. Here is a link that I hope works:

You may have to copy and paste into your browser - enjoy


Gio said...

thanks for the photos of Cathy, never too many! :D
Hope you don't mind if we'll post some on the Italian forum, Derby falcons thread.
She's a beauty, looks healthy and I love how she's enjoying the food on Colin's fist. :)

Phoebe said...

Gio yes of course you can post my pictures onto your forum. Cathy is a lovely bird and she did enjoy her food :)

Gio said...

Thank you, Phoebe, I will also on the Cleveland message board when available, hope soon.
Cathy is a joy for many of us and in our falcon fans' little world Colin is probably the man of the year! ;)

Pax Canada said...

One on nest ledge

Tracy said...

I'm sure the Brewery can afford to
put up a lovely new box/ledge for these fantastic birds.. :)

Pax Canada said...

prey on the tower cam, and a falcon on the nest ledge

Audrey (London UK) said...

Falcon on pudding cam!!

Gio said...

I'm sure the Brewery can, Tracy!
By the way I tried very good beer there.
And like to drink beer just in England. :D

Pax Canada said...

Maybe the Burton falcons would reject a new nest if they are used to the old one?

Gio said...

I don't think so. As far as I know they like the location more than the nest box itself.
In Cleveland, OH, the nest box was removed for a couple of days (and a lot of work all around at the Terminal Tower), we were worried, but SW&Buckeye are back because there is their house.
There are several instances about and always the peregrines don't mind.
Just to chenge the place is definitely unsuitable.