Thursday 31 December 2009

Video Clips

Here are all the video clips from one entire year in chronological order.
They are a mixture of YouTube and Blogger-embedded video clips.

3rd Feb 2009 Adult peregrine arrives on sunrise (07:30am) to reinforce its claim to its nest site during one of the coldest winters in Britain for 15 years.

4th Feb 2009 An adult peregrine pulls prey item out from the snow on the nest platform, with its mate on the ledge below.

19th February 2009 Platform maintenance work to give juvenile birds a better grip on the nest ledge whilst exercising their wings prior to fledging.

27th February 2009 Courtship activity (Food exchange and ee-chupping)

8 March 2009. Mating Sequence (1 )

16 March 2009 Mating Sequences (2)

16 March 2009 Mating Sequences (3)

7th April 2009 Male at night on top of tower

22nd April 2009 Changeover on Nest - female takes over from the male

29th April 2009 Stop-motion video of female nibbling empty eggshell.

29th April 2009 18:45pm First glimpse of first egg hatching. We then see Mum nibbling at the free eggshell. Turn up the sound to hear the faint call of the young chick.

1 May 2009 An hour in the life of a peregrine, compressed into 75 seconds as a new Jury's Inn nears completion in Derby city centre. (watch for the crane driver!)

1 May 2009 Chick no 4 hatches.

2nd May 2009 Chicks being fed - they are between 1 and 3 days old

5th May 2009 Chicks being fed - now clearly able to support themselves

20th May 2009 Ringing (banding) the four pergrine chicks

5th June 2009 Chick demonstrates an unusual way to do a poo. Feathers fly as the young birds exercise their wings.

9th June 2009 The first departure of a juvenile in 2009 was clearly an accident!

9th June 2009 Fledging activity

18th June 2009 A juvenile female pushes the adult male out of the way on top of Derby Cathedral's Tower (with apologies for the poor sound quality on this clip)

Follow this link for video clips from 2007

Follow this link to view all our YouTube video clips from past seasons too.


Phoebe said...

Thank you all for putting these video clips together, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them some I watched over and over. Brilliant work from all concerned!

Kate MacRae said...

This is brilliant.... excellent for schools... are you considering doing a similar thing with images??!!

Khrish Mandalia said...

amazing videos! Thanks for a great learning tool

Brian - Austin, Texas said...

I think this is just wonderful. There isn't a day go by that I don't check in on the birds. Thank you to all those involved. Thanks for allowing the viewers and close up of a truly magnificent bird.

Mick Murfin said...

A wonderful process of nature shown in these clips.Congratulations to all concerned.