Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Hobby ringing

On local TV last night they showed a hobby chick being ringed. What was unusual for a bird that usually breeds in old crow nests in trees was that this chick had been hatched 12 metres up on a high voltage pylon close to a power station.

A nest basket had been placed up there for the hobbies but I would guess the birds originally adopted a crow nest on the pylon. Peregrines also occasionally nest in such locations, similarly taking over old crow nests.

As with the New Forest hobby's (see previous post for web cam link), there was only one chick reared.

To see the clip go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/eastmidlandstoday/index.shtml and click on watch again / last night's programme on the right side of the screen.

The photo, courtesy of Ed Drewitt, shows peregrine chicks in Poland somewhere reared in an artificial 'basket' though on what type of structure I can't recall exactly.

Nick (DWT)


John L said...

Peregrines are known to nest on the electricity pylons in Wareham Forest down here in Dorset. I haven't spotted one yet, but have witnessed fabulous displays by hobbies in the forest earlier in the summer. There is a large pond in Morden Bog NNR and the birds have been giving amazing flying displays catching the abundant dragonflies. I have managed to get a few photos of them, such as this:

Terry, Herts UK said...

Great to spot 2 Peregrines on camera right now. An adult on the scrape and another up on the ledge which I can't be sure about. Anyone else see or able to ID ?

Terry, Herts UK said...
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Anonymous said...

Cannot believe it - just caught peregrine on pud cam...Oh happy day!!

Ann ( Canada ) said...

I believe at the time of posting this it is Tiddler on the pud. cam. Love to see him, he seems to stay around more than the others. So I have noticed anyway.
Looking forward to next year.
The D.V.D. is fantastic. Thank you.

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Glad you liked the DVD Ann.
BTW: A few dud copies have been sent out by accident apparently so if yours is incomplete please return it to DWT and we will replace it free of charge of course.
A short article about the peregrines in Natural World magazine has produced some new sales which is nice. This magazine goes to the members of all the wildlife trusts throughout the UK
Nick B (DWT)

Anonymous said...

Hello all
Just to say, despite the long gap (life is just too busy!) I'm still here and Derby still has a very special place in my heart, all due to your wonderful peregrines (and some pretty special people making the project happen)
I'm still working on that fiendishly difficult "Wild Ones Times Two" quiz - I'd better get a shift on, I see the closing date is looming!
Sue Hetherington, Wendover, Bucks

Audrey (London) said...

Falcon on pud cam!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pax Canada 9.44pm
falcon on the pudding cam

Audrey (London) said...

Falcon on pud cam!!etfqp

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 9.03am
Wow! two falcons, one on the scrape one on the pudding cam.
Does'nt take much to make me happy :-)

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 12.01am
falcon on the pudding cam

Anonymous said...

pax Canada 11.42pm
falcon on the scrape