Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Licenced to Thrill

Tiddler on The Roof
Here is just one of the photos 0f 007 I took on Tuesday night.

Here's the link to the full story broadcast on BBC's "East Midlands Today"

(The drinker in the red T-shirt is Dean, to whom we owe our thanks for capturing the bird and calling the police. The chap in yellow is Peter who also contacted us via the police.)

It was an exceptional evening for us but especially for my wife who has never been that close to a wild Peregrine before. Thanks to Nick M for helping to make this happen and, of course, to 007 himself!!

In response to an earlier comment - yes I think I will charge for my autograph now!!: Please send a minimum of £2 to the Peregrine Project at DWT and I will send you my autograph!!! £20 will ensure I do not appear on film or in print for at least a day!!!!

Seriously, the project can only continue, and grow, with the generosity of yourselves. Please, please help us to continue this very important work. See earlier postings for details of how to donate. It has been, as always, a privilege to work alongside Nick M and Nick B but the Peregrines must be the real stars - your support is vital to them.

Tony G
Derby Cathedral


Nick Brown (DWT) said...

I can caption that photo Tony:

Tiddler on the roof!

Nick B

Ps Will get your autograph tomorrow for sure.....

Project Member (Derby Cathedral) said...

Someone just had to come up with that!!!
Autograph price going up by the day!!!!

Tony G

Karen Anne said...

Poor 007, you can see he was a bit scared in that video, but all's well that ends well.

Is there a way to save that video clip? It would be nice to have it on the site or on youtube.

I wonder what the fledglings think when humans swoop them up for banding and rescuing. Kind of like a giant picking us up. I'd be breathing pretty rapidly too.

Anonymous said...

Was able to see 4 birds at the back of the Cathedral earlier at 19.25. One on edge of front left tower. Another trying flights from the top of one of the towers. Another was inside one of the circular arches above the gargoles. Other one was on top of tower also doing flying+landing (sometimes unceremoniously) practices. Thanks to Watchers who lent me their binoculars - was hard to see the birds esp the one in the arches!
John A

Anonymous said...

re. Tony's posture on the roof - it's much more of a Johnny Wilkinson posture in my view. For those of you who are wondering who on earth JW is, he plays rugby for England and won the world cup with a dropped goal which beat Australia...if I remember correctly!

Anonymous said...

Pax Canada 12.21am
Falcon on the pudding cam

Audrey in London said...

Video of '007' aka Tiddler just brilliant. Thanks for posting. Please, viewers donate (if you can) to this superb site. No matter how small the donation it all adds up!!

Anonymous said...

9.20a.m. just seen two on the 2nd camera, clicked off for a moment and then they had gone. as I'm typing this someone has come back right in front of the camera.

Froona said...

Video of double-O-7 is great, just watched it. Our little Tiddler, a gosh. I'm sure I have just seen hem being fed on top of the Cathedral on the webcam.
They are a very adventurous bunch these Derby Juvies. The Projectmembers are some kind of escortservice for the peregrine family ;)).
Glad they are OK! Thank you!

Michael. said...

I told you you would find him at the local pub, It's our great British beer, who can resist it !.
No wonder they can not take off from the ground.


Note for "froona"
I looked on your blog, but you made my computer freeze ! .
Because you have too many photo's on one page, my computer did not like it, downloading all the photo's on one page.
If you make other pages and put a few on each it should make it better for people looking at your good site.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem, it took an age for the site to load, great site though once it was up.

Froona said...

Thanks for the feedback, and kind words. I have reduced the amount of posts and pics on one page. Hope this is better :))

michael. said...

Hi froona,
It's better, but I think you could reduce it more to make it better viewing !.

Ok on broadband, but no good for anyone using dial up.

At least it did not crash my system this time.
Nice blog good photo's.