Monday, 16 June 2008

Latest Fledge

A phone call from outside Derby Cathedral this morning brought the news that juvenile 003 had fledged but hadn't quite made it. She had landed on a nearby roof but been frightened off by workmen. Taking to the air again she made for a tree, but failed to get a hold, and fluttered to the ground. Just as before she was rescued by Nick Brown from the Wildlife Trust, aided this time by John Salloway (so we should have some good pictures to show you).
As I write this (08:00) they were waiting for the Cathedral staff to open up, so she'll soon be returned to the tower roof once more.

There'll be more news of this later today, and we now have just one bird left to fledge.


Anonymous said...

Pax Canada 1.01am
I see the he/she is back on the nest edge, well done

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Update Tuesday 17th midday UK time:
Colin Pass was present from very early this morning and I joined him about 8am, staying for the local radio interview and leaving about 0930. During all this time we could only see three youngsters and that was why I said there was one missing.
I spend about an hour wandering round the various back alleys and streets looking up (and down) for the missing youngster but with no success. In addition, I could neither hear any begging calls nor any alarm calls from local blackbirds etc since they always kick up a noise if they spot a peregrine close to their nests or territories.
Nick M is calling at the watch point at lunchtime so can probably give us a further update.
There's not much else we can do except alert local shop and property owners to the fact that they should check their roofs and back alleys...and hopefully the radio and newspaper pieces will do that.
Nick B (DWT)