Thursday, 29 May 2008

8th June Go Wild in Derby!

On Sunday 8th June, in Derby's Market Place, close to the cathedral, there will be all manner of local environmental groups with stalls promoting themselves and various activities and walks for adults and children. One of these stalls will be run by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.
Obviously we will be directing people down to the Watch Point on Cathedral Green to see the peregrines that day between 11 am and 4.30 pm, weather, if you live within reach, do come along.
In addition, there is a rare opportunity to climb the cathedral tower's 189 steps and see the fabulous view from the top (though you won't be able to see the nest or the birds because we cannot allow anyone to look over the East side where the nest is situated). You also get to see the ringing chamber and hear about the tower's history (it was finished in 1540!).
These tower tours are run by the cathedral and there is a charge of £2 per person (no children under 8 and you must be fit enough to climb the spiral staircase!).
If you would like to book on one of the three tower tours that day, then please ring the Trust in office hours on 01773 881188. The tours last about 30 minutes and they start at 12 noon, 12.45 and 1.30pm.
It is first come first served (max. number per tour is 13) - so get booking straight away!
Nick Brown (DWT)

Ps. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust is also leading two wildlife and geology walks around the city centre that day, starting from the Market Place at 11.30am and 2.30pm. These walks are free of charge and last about an hour. To book contact the Trust on the number above.


Anonymous said...

Oh blooming heck, Derby! How dare you organise such a FAB event just when I've organised to go away to the equally FAB Farne Islands! I'm in a total quandry now - what to do for the best??? OK OK, I wish you all the best then - just don't do this again. All you people who are able to go, just make sure you do - you'll be so glad you did.
Sue H, Wendover

lyndsey,chesterfield said...

i just have to share this with you all;
my 3 year old son and i are avid followers of the development of the chicks, however due to technical problems with my router i have had no internet access for over a week what with the bank holiday (yes, it was torture). so as you can imagine we were absolutely dying to see the change in the chicks once we were back online.
i logged on to the webcam and the first words to come out of my little boys mouth were;
"them chicks are dirty they need a bath,have they been to the park and fell in the mud like me mummy?"
children eh?

Anonymous said...

Visited the Cathedrel today and couldn,t find any viewing aids,was it me? Dennis,local lad

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Many apologies; due to our inability to find volunteers (and also to recent bad weather on Wednesday) there have been no watch points on the last two days. A notice was hanging on the fencing where we stand but you may not have seen it.
Tomorrow there will be a watch point (11 - 1.30) and on Sunday too, but currently our Saturday volunteers have just cancelled and we have not found replacements yet.
If you would like to help us please contact leaving your phone and email contact details and we will get back to you. No previous experience is required, just a willingness to help members of the public to see and appreciate the cathedral birds.
Nick Brown (DWT)

Anonymous said...

I wish Wendover was nearer to Derby - I'd be over like a shot to volunteer on your watchpoint. Come on, you lucky lucky people who live there, Nick should be having to beat back volunteers with a stick because there are so many! :)
Love, Sue H, Wendover

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed seeing the falcon on my visit yesterday. Great to see the webcam. See the chicks cousins overseas at -
Will pass the word around about this super webcam!
Angella, Tamworth

Anonymous said...

hi there.. just wanted to say i love the webcam and watching the eggs and birds is brill !! however i also wanted to ask for advice.. when i click on the live feed it says cannot connect to the server (or something like that) is everyone having this problem or is it just my comp ? please help.. thanks Joanne

Joanne said...

I too am having problems I haven't altered any settings and it worke dlast week-obvously other people are able to watch the live stream .i hope someone can help ue.

Anonymous said...

web hosting resources:

Anonymous said...

yes I have never been able to get on the live stream always getting the comment above- I thought it was just that there were so many people already on it from around the world that at 7 miles away I was just unlucky! Picture at this time of day in the left side is always quite mottled but right side is okay! quality not as good as pics afew weeks ago though. I am just happy to get anuthing to keep in touch really. Thanks for all of your hard work everyone!