Monday, 26 November 2007

Derby "De-Lights" Tonight

Nov 24th. Adult male on nest platform with female on ledge immediately below.The lights in Derby go out for an hour tonight between 9pm-10pm local time (Monday 26th), as part of a city-wide campaign to raise awareness of the impact we all make on global energy consumption and climate change emissions. Businesses and home users are all being urged to demonstrate the impact we can all make on the environment by switching off lights and other equipment. You can read more here.

You may therefore notice of one of three things with our webcams:
a) no change at all - everything works fine
b) the picture freezes as the power to the tower is cut for an hour
c) background street illumination is dimmed as all Christmas lights, cathedral floodlights and other lights are turned off (except street lighting, of course)
I hope readers will forgive us if we don't specially go in to turn off the webcamera power for this period; it would use more energy in petrol for us to drive in than it would save. But rest assured that this blog-writer's home will have all un-needed power consumption turned off. Nothing new there, then.

Meanwhile, do enjoy the image below of our male peregrine keeping up appearances on the nest scrape at the weekend. He was actively pushing back the gravel layer with his feet for quite some time. It's looking good for next season!

Nov 24th. The adult male keeps the nest scrape well-maintained Nov 24th. Male nest-scraping even though spring is still a long way off.


Anonymous said...

The images freeze again. Jennie, HK.

Derby Museum said...

Hi Jennie
It's nearly midnight here in the UK, and I've only just spotted that our cameras have frozen. Thanks for taking the trouble to leave the message. I'll try and reboot the server tomorrow when I get access to my own PC. - I'm at a friend's house right now and can't do a thing, sorry.
Nick M.