Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Falcons Eye View

On the ropes at Derby Cathedral.
You have seen the Cathedral Tower either from the Green or on the web - now is the chance to get up close and personal as they say. On the weekend of September 8/9 Derby Mountain Rescue Team and Derby Cathedral will be holding a sponsored ABSEIL down the south face of the tower. All monies raised will be split between the Cathedral and the Rescue Team. All are welcome to join in, either as a participant or just an onlooker and supporter. There will be refreshments available from the Cathedral Coffee Shop and on the Saturday it is hoped that the BBC Bus will be there. For more information go to www.derbymrt.org.uk/abseil.htm and join in the fun.

Those who, like me, believe the staircase was put there for very good reasons can keep both feet firmly on the ground and support all those others who choose a quicker way down!!

Hope to see you there


Sue @ home said...

No comments? I can see we're all cowards! I agree with the staircase comment. I'm tempted to come and observe .... except I'd probably find that too nerve racking too! Good Luck you crazy people.
Sue H, Wendover

Anonymous said...

has anyone heard the story of the donkey that was launched from the top of the cathedral for entertainment way back in medieval times apparently this was a very popular pastime lots of things were launched off the top, children, chickens etc using ropes extending to other buildings and makeshift abseiling equipment, apparently the donkey had an accident but was unharmed, how on earth did they get a donkey up that narrow staircase anyway, or are these stories true.