Friday, 1 June 2007

Well rung

A chick with its special orange 'Derbyshire' ring. This bird was one of two ringed on 1st June 2007 at Derby Cathedral, England
The ringing went well and we had a lovely evening to do it. Both chicks now have bright orange rings on their left legs numbered 001 and 002. They were both females - heavy and healthy chicks with very big feet.
While we were there, the female flew round the top of the tower, screaming at us. The male flew up very high and then disappeared!
Not long after we left the tower, the female came back and landed on the platform, looking all around her. There was a temporary problem with the cameras but all now seems to be working well again.
The photo shows the orange colour ring 001 on the left leg of the first chick to be ringed, with the duller metal ring on the right leg behind. The orange colour is unique to Derbyshire-ringed peregrines. The number on the colour ring identifies the individual.
Meanwhile the cathedral bell ringers were busy practicing at the same time, so altogether a busy and successful night of ringing! A special thanks to Martin for abseiling down and lowering the chicks to Ant on the nave roof, who then ringed them. Thanks to head verger Tony for opening all the doors and giving up his evening to help us.

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