Saturday, 23 June 2007

We have LIFT OFF (but see updates)

First flight picture, copyright J Salloway.
Eureka!!! At 6.40 this morning I could only see one bird but at 6.45 there were two, there is now just one (7.15). The video will be checked later on today to see if we have footage of this momentous event. For those in this time zone get yourselves to the Green to watch the excitement - for all others, especially Jennie in Hong Kong, get those Plane tickets!!!!!
Postscript: At 6pm local time we've uploaded a new video clip. It won't be viewable for an hour or two until it's been processed by YouTube - so please be patient. I've no idea of the quality, but there should be three clips - the first showing our bird flopping down from the camera post. Then a bit later at 7:09am it took it's proper maiden flight, and finally the remaining female doing some good wing-flappnig, but not yet daring to leave.
Post-postscript: Slight concern at Derby Cathedral at 8pm tonight. I've just received a call from Tony the Head Verger who, on arriving home, received a call from watchers on the Green. Our fledged chick had spent all day on the nave roof of the Cathedral, being watched by hundreds of passers-by. But late this evening she suddenly took off, (followed by our adult male some distance behind) flying very low towards the huge, walled electricity sub-station next to the Silk Mill Museum. Luckily the bird-watchers were recovering in the nearby Silk Mill Pub and have just headed out in all directions to look for her. We don't yet know where she is, but it's likely that is she finds a safe perch she'll spend the night there. There's no way we'd be allowed inside the sub-station to attempt a rescue, but we'll report back here with any more news later tonight. (It's now 8.15pm local time, and it gets dark around 10.30pm) Fingers crossed, everyone.
Note: I've removed the YouTube video as for some reason it has been rejected as being "too long" - this hasn't happened before with even larger file sizes. So I'll try again when I get a moment, and test it first!


Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

I've added a picture to the Cathedral's latest blog. It's one of a sequence of three showing that our first fledged chick managed to land on top of the left hand camera and then did a flight from there.

Thanks to John Salloway for submitting this picture within 90 minutes of taking it.

Liz, Derby said...

What a fantastic picture! It's so strange to see only one bird on the webcams now. Does anyone know where the first fledged chick has gone, or how far she flew?

Anonymous said...

at 6.40am there was only one falcon, but then as I watched the
second one landed back in the nest,
stayed for a while then took off again!

Sue @ home in Bucks said...

Thanks for a fab pic, John Salloway - it was interesting to see the cameras for the first time! I'm relieved flight 1 was successfully achieved without the anxiety of watching it but am now anxious for news of how the bird is faring. Bird 2 is looking very lazy - come on girl, get on with it! Put us out of our misery. Best wishes for a great day at the museum - I just can't get there - sometimes it seems Bucks is as far away as Hong King.

Anonymous said...

I have put some links to photo taken on Fri 22nd June. They show the chicks have a good go at trying to fly. Looks like I missed it by one day.

Cherrill James said...

WOW!!! What a super picture ,John,
Thanks. We have just counted your vists since 8am till 11:15 this morning, 1,857 hits
Well Done, Everyone and thank you.
Cherrill,David James

kadhir said...


Anonymous said...


And it's interesting to see what the nest box actually looks like, for those of us used to just seeing the web cam. I had thought it was an actual box, i.e., with a top.

Are those pigeon spikes near the webcams? How does the facon land, if that's the case?

Anonymous said...

This has me thnking about top for nest boxes - you folks and Pennsylvania have no tops, San Jose has a top and Dayton seems to have a top, it's hard to tell.

I wonder what happens "in nature," do peregrines select nest sites with overhangs, or no?

Jan Scotland said...

I am having trouble leaving the computer as I am fascinated by the birds. Can anyone tell me if the one left in the box has been fed yet today?

Anonymous said...

I don't get used to seeing only one bird. Will the remaining one wait for the first one to return before taking her flight? I'm a bit scared not to see any birds next time when I check them out on the internet. So, for those of you in Derbyshire and nearby locations, make a trip to Derby Cathedral, I hope all of you enjoy watching this special moment. Hi Project Member, thankyou for your messages, it's likely by the time I'm on a plane to Derby, both birds will be flying also. Wish you every success in the Springwatch Festival. Look forward to seeing some of your footage. Jennie in Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say thanks for converting my 12 year old! Came down to see the peregrines in the flesh today and got some wonderful views. He originally thought it would be boring coming to see them but came away happy saying they were "cool" and was reluctant to leave, once again thankyou to everyone for giving us the opportunity to see such beautiful birds of prey both in the flesh and on the webcam.
Helen, Sam & Adam

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

Sorry not to have moderated all your comments until I returned home this afternoon.
The first chick was fine on the nave of the cathedral all day. It wasn't actually a first flight - more of a first fall. There'll be a new video on YouTube coming shortly.

helenhoward said...

well thats it we have lift off. I got a phone call at dinner to inform me of the momentous event and as I now see at 1815 there is indeed only one of the girls on the box. I have to admit I had a bit of a lump in my throat having witnessed such a fantastic journey. Many thanks once again to the project team for allowing me to share such an incredulous journey. Lets hope and pray our girls keep safe and have a long and happy life.
Better go before I need another kleenex!!

Betty said...

My daughter, Liz, lives in Derby and alerted me to your site. I am fascinated. A brilliant, informative and highly commendable project - well done! Waiting patiently for the video footage of flight. Betty from Barrow in Furness.

Anonymous said...

Went past Cathedral Green at midday today, sad to say I wasn't able to stop, but was great to see all those people there!
Will the chick left in the nest ever fly? When she can be bothered!

Anonymous said...

18:50 and that looks like one lonely sister, come on girl you can do it too!
Fantastic photo of the first flight can't wait for the you tube video.
What are we all going to watch when the they have both fledged? Its quite sad in a way.
Lets hope they return next year, any chance of full time streaming video and sound chaps?
Well done and thanks to all of you for your fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

could you tell me if the remaining chick has been fed today? bless her she must be feeling quite isolated now.

Sam Bull said...

I have everything crossed here, hope our young girl finds some safe haven over night. it may be a stupid question but did the male go with her to protect her and will he spend the night with her? heres to a happy conclusion. Sam Derby