Saturday, 9 June 2007

Watchpoint news

Looking out of the cathedral at times today revealed a steady number of people enjoying both the view of the Peregrines and the warm weather. Reports are that the chicks are now big enough to see above the front edge of the tray and more than just a wing tip when they stretch. So now is the time to get over to Cathedral Green if you can and see these birds 'live'. Tomorrows' Watchpoint runs from 10.00 - 4.00, hope you can make it - we do accept apologies for absence from those living in a different time zone!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw the chicks through the webcam today and their dappled mix of fluffy white down and dark, developing feathers made them really well camouflaged against the mucky nest ledge.

Anonymous said...

This is probably going to sound like a really dumb question, so I apologise... but am I actually supposed to have sound too, when I view the webcams?

I've been watching every day since the eggs hatched, but have never had any sound, just picture. Is this how it is, or do I have something set up wrong? :-(

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

No, it's not a dumb question at all. This year there is no sound via the internet, I'm afraid. It's our first year of setting up the peregrine webcam, and it just wasn't possible to achieve everything in one go. If we are lucky enough to get a sponsor or some other source of funding to provide us with live streaming video next year, then we should be able to offer sound, too.
For anyone in Derby, they can see live video and hear all the sounds by going to The Silk Mill- Derby's Museum of Industry and History, just opposite Derby Cathedral. - see entry for June 6th.

skipf said...

Any day now... the peregrine nest in Albany, New York is now empty. Friday had
three chicks; yesterday (Saturday)only one, in the evening two returned, and now
on Sunday AM, it's empty. Their birthdates
aren't posted, but they weren't 'much darker' then the Derby chicks.

Anonymous said...

There is one chick in the New York nest now 12:54 11.06.2007.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for answering my question regarding sound on the webcams: But, I have to add, even without audio, they have been fantastic to watch. It's the first thing I check every day, and I shall be sooooooo sad when they go!

Best wishes to all involved xxx

Anonymous said...

At 1823 today Sunday, I saw one of the falcons perched on the rail of the nest, it then flapped its wings!!