Friday, 25 May 2007

Worldwide Web indeed

A big thanks to everyone who has already 'commented' to our request for feedback (May 19th, Where are you watching from?).

27 comments so far and a further dozen direct to the Trust indicate that the site is very much appreciated and being avidly watched in many places in the USA, Canada and Australia, with further peregrine addicts in France and Hungary as well as many across the UK!

Please keep the comments coming. Reply either directly to this post or to the previous one or email us at We are particularly keen to hear from teachers about how they are already or might like to use the peregrine story at school. Such responses are best sent to the email address above if you will.

The family events on 29th and 30th May (see 19th May post) are aimed at 7-11 year olds with a parent accompanying them. They are filling up nicely now, with just a few places left. Ring the wildlife trust office on 01773 881188 in office hours to book a place.......but hurry!
We have put together a powerpoint presentation and a 'make a model peregrine' activity for the children who will also get to see the birds directly through our telescopes.
Very soon the chicks will be viewable from the ground as they begin to poke their heads above the front of the platform to view the world for the first time. This is a further incentive to visit the watch points which are now running daily on Cathedral Green between 10am and 2pm, weather permitting, and thanks to the volunteers who have been running them for us!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Does anyone know why the chicks are kept in the left corner? Have they been naughty? #;)

Project Member (Derby Museum) said...

It's probably a combination of feeling safe against a solid wall, plus heat retention. This is quite normal activity for peregrine chicks, though one was certainly a bit naughty earlier today when it obviously must have done a great "projectile poo" right onto the left shoulder of its parent!
I think they call this "the white badge of courage"

Denise said...

I just found your site today. I am watching from Parkville, MD USA. Excellent camera view and in case you don't know it, you are ranked in the top 10 world wide for webcams. Nice job and thanks from your neighbors across the pond.

Anonymous said...

I have just witnessed Mum eating one of the eggs - so the mystery is solved as to what happens to addled eggs - how fascinating!

Anna Flintstone, Ripley

Andrew said...

Thank you so much for setting up this webcam. The Peregrine is a most fasinating bird and we don't have them around here. I live in Granite City, Illinois (near St. Louis, Missouri) in the states so this is a treat for me.


Anonymous said...

A big hello from Perth, Australia

It's great to see the Peregrines live over webcam and always relaxes me after a stressful day at the office!