Saturday, 3 February 2007

On Tenterhooks

We've been on tenterhooks all week. We 'd hoped to find out whether or not we would get the formal go-ahead for our peregrine falcon web cameras installation project from the relevant authorities at Derby Cathedral and the City Council. We had modified our proposals so that any visual impact on Derby's Cathedral Tower is kept to an absolute minimum. We had a camera supplier lined up, the quotes were in, and we heard we would receive some additional funding from the Council's WildDerby project and from the Tourism and Marketing Unit. Finally, the hoped-for notice came through yesterday, and our camera order went in straight away. We've now got a three week wait before we take delivery of the cameras and cables, in which time we can finalise our project plan and our risk assessment. Yes, this is boring stuff in some ways, but crucial to show that we're doing things safely and responsibly.

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