Sunday, 9 July 2017

Final Watch Point and a youngster turns up in Doncaster

The final Watch Point of 2017 will take place this Saturday 15th July, usual place, usual time.
As you can read by scrolling down to the previous post, two juveniles were visible along with their parents last there's still plenty to see (and the poppy display is still drawing the crowds too). Do come and see these magnificent birds if you possibly can. It is your very last chance this year!

This screengrab (above), taken by Kate from Devon today (11th), shows a fledged peregrine on the platform.

I'm off to Yorkshire!
In April last year (2016) a photographer called Bob Usher took a photo of a male peregrine on Doncaster Minster, which is also known at St George's.

015 on Doncaster Minster. Photo: Bob Usher
On closer examination the bird had an orange ring on its left leg bearing the number 015.

He sent the details to the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) who organise the ringing (banding) of wild birds in the UK. They identified the bird as a male ringed as a chick at Derby Cathedral in June 2011.
We are grateful to Bob for sending the photo to us for use here.
Bob said a female was also present in 2011 but he saw no direct evidence of breeding. He promised to try to visit again this summer and see if 015 is still there.
It seems likely that the birds are nesting on the Minster somewhere but so far there's no direct evidence.
The Project Team


Joyce S said...

WOW - how fantastic to have news of one of 'our' birds. We are often asked at the Watchpoint if we know where they have gone!

kate said...

Lovely Blog and brill Photo of one of ringed chicks Many thanks.

For anyone looking in there is one on scrape at moment ( Pic on flkr)

Phoebe said...

Wow it's so pleasing to hear of one of our birds making a life and hopefully having its own offspring! I went to see the peregrines and the poppies last week, it was well worth the visit, we had a great time and one adult was in view on the side of the cathedral.

Lisa said...

aww just looked by chance and someone is home! So nice to see someone lol fab news to hear updates on past youngsters!