Thursday, 22 June 2017

Another busy day....and a way to help us

THE NEXT WATCH POINT IS ON WEDNESDAY 5TH JULY.....ALWAYS ASSUMING THE WEATHER IS OK.Don't forget the excellent Bakewell tarts and coffee at the Cathedral Coffee Shop on Irongate and the beer and lunches at the Silk Mill Pub only yards from our Watch Point.
And if the sun stays out there's a good chance of seeing the rare white letter hairstreak butterfly on the elm tree on King Street nearby. The Watch Point team will tell you where to look - bring your binoculars!

The rare white letter hairstreak butterfly
photographed on King Street.
Photo: N Brown
Report on Watch Point Saturday 1st July: most of the activity was on Jurys Inn and the Silk Mill chimney. One of the juveniles (all three were seen) was on one of the cathedral tower's pinnacles at one point and stayed there even when the flag was changed!
One of the juveniles was seen chasing some they seem to be getting the general idea!

Many thanks to Antony, Helen, Kelvin and his wife for stalwart work. There are still plenty of people coming to look at the poppies. See you on Wednesday?

The Project Team

Update 24th June 5 pm: Today's Watch Point volunteers saw all three juveniles together on the top of the Silk Mill Museum's that's very good news!

This project survives on a remarkably small budget (much of the work, including the rescue work) is done voluntarily keeping costs low. However we do need funds to keep the web cams running and the Watch Points organised - something like £4000 a year.

So any donation, small or large, will be appreciated. Please click on the donations tab on the blog to see how simple it is to's jjust a phone call to the Wildlife Trust office - or do it online via Virgin MoneyGiving.
Many thanks
The Project Team
Ps. If you would like to join Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, who's project this is, please phone the office on 01773 881188 or visit the Trust's website here.
Rescue Number Two
A phone call this morning (Thursday 22nd) to the Wildlife Trust from someone working in a solicitor's office near the cathedral alerted us to the fact that someone in an office facing Jurys Inn had seen a peregrine drop to ground and possibly disappear into a hedge.
Hedge minus peregrine as it turned out.

We went down and spent a less than delightful half hour searching behind, below and right in the hedge - hot and dusty work. No sign of anything....
Then three hours later, we had a call from Landau Forte College which is on the other side of the inner ring road from the cathedral and Jurys. A neighbour with a small garden had found a peregrine and managed to get it into a cat carry box. We nipped down to town again and transferred it to a cardboard box, having checked that it was in good shape -  which it was:
Yes it's me again!
We then released it back on the top of the tower. To us it looked like the same bird we had rescued on Tuesday....a small if feisty male now with fewer tufts of white down on its crown.

Be afraid, be very afraid......Photo Nick B

Meanwhile wonderful Wendy Bartter captured these three videos, the last of which shows the departure of the final (we think female) youngster today. Further searches will be made to try to see all three youngsters tomorrow and Saturday. Since the parental birds were very calm today we suspect they are all fine:

The second:

And the one showing the fledging:

The Project Team


Heather said...

Many thanks Wendy for all your hard work and dedication this season. The cameras are fantastic but of course we can't be watching all the time, even if we wanted to, and your videos have helped pick out the more interesting moments. The last one with the very energetic youngster overseen by a rather less than impressed adult trying to get some sleep had me in stitches! Also the antics of a certain little male being returned to the roof once more was hilarious, but probably not to its rescuers. Let's hope the youngsters will continue to be safe and sound and soon being taught by the parents how to catch their own prey.

What seemed to be quite a placid group compared with other years has turned into a real grand finale. The new tiercel has proved to be a good provider and our MrsP has excelled herself once more. I hope all the school children that have been watching have found it entertaining and educational. Will be sending a donation and hopefully others will as well - it's far better than the tv!

Janet said...

They're certainly keeping you busy! Love the pics of the re-captured youngster, especially the captions, "hedge minus peregrine as it turned out" and "yes it's me again". When I walked past the Cathedral yesterday, one bird was on the nest platform, and another was on the ledge beneath it, wonder where they'll get to next?

The Project Team said...

Hi Heather: thanks for your comments and the promise of a donation - that is much appreciated and if anyone else would like to donate please click on the donate tab on the blog to see how to do it. It's very simple!
And you've reminded us to put something about donations on the post too!
The Project Team

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous year watching the peregrines.Many thanks to you all. Susan Smith

Beth said...

Thank you so much for what has been a wonderful experience watching the falcons. I have learnt so much! It is the first year I have had the pleasure of watching them and joining in. I have made a donation this morning to support this wonderful cause, as I quite agree it is better than the TV! Such a nice, calming and fascinating thing. I will really miss it now!

Keep the updates coming especially as the young ones antics keep to also keep coming, hopefully they will settle down soon. Any thoughts on why they fledged so early? Was it because of the accidental fledging? Many thanks Wendy for your videos and to The Project Team.

Helen said...

All three juveniles were around for today's watch point, sitting on the nearby Silk Mill museum for much of the time. An adult arrived with some food later in the afternoon, so they were all well fed. Both adults were on the hotel building when the watch point finished just before 4 o'clock.

kate said...

Well done Helen and the team. good to know they are making their way to a new life.

Heather said...

Lovely to see peregrine in scrape watching the world go by. (I still log in to see if I can catch a glimpse of one - suffering from empty nest syndrome!). Pleased all three juveniles have been spotted together and being fed by parents.

Just a brief query to The Team. When we donate via Virgin does this just go to the Wildlife Trust as I seem to remember previously if you paid by cheque you had to specify it was for the Peregrine Project?

Nick B (DWT) said...

Hi Heather: if you go to the 'donate' tab on the blog, it takes you straight to the peregrine project donations page and anything you give via that goes to this project alone.
WE try to send a personal 'thank you' to all donors to the project but this sometimes takes a while until we are given the details of the donors email addresses.
If you want or need to get in touch with us directly rather than via the blog please use .
Thanks in advance!
Nick B

Nick B (DWT) said...

Ps. You might also consider joining the Trust as a sign of your support for the only organisation in the county that works (very hard) to conserve all forms of wildlife.
See for more information...or simply google 'derbyshire wildlife trust' and find the 'Join us' Tab at the top.

kate said...

Could this be a youngster on the scrape at mo, ( Pic on Flkr)

Helen said...

Hi Kate, thanks very much for sharing the picture on Flickr. I think it might be one of the adult birds as you can just see the horizontal stripes on the underparts. The plumage also looks grey with a white contrast, as compared to the browner feathers seen on the juvenile birds. It's still great to see one of the birds on the platform though. Just checked a moment ago and there is an adult bird perched on the edge of the platform this evening.

Heather said...

MrsP, I think, on right side of scrape having a nighttime preening session. Wonder where the new tiercel beds down for the night.

Thanks Nick B for info and hope the donations continue to come in. Everyone behind the scenes does a sterling job and every donation no matter how small will help to keep this wonderful project going. I think a big "thank you" should also go to the Contractors who erected the roof covering, without them the outcome this year might have been completely different.

kate said...

Morning all
I THINK??? our Male having a peruse of the early morning, could see silver ring on left leg.
pic on flkr group.

Wendy Bartter said...

Great capture Kate, good to see him still visiting!