Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sokół wędrowny (Peregrines in Polish) and an update

See an update at the foot of this post
Animated image made and posted by Derby webcam-watchers in Poland
Over the last week we have made big changes to this blog and, judging from your comments, you seem to like them. There's much more to come, of course. The latest addition is an "Introduction" page, accessed from one of the Tabs at the top of the homepage. Next to it is another labelled "Polski". This is the first of three pages which will be produced with information about our Project in one of the main non-English languages spoken in Derby and Derbyshire.

It contains the summary introduction of our project, very roughly translated into Polish. (Roughly, because it was done by "Google Translate" rather than by a real person!) We hope that one or more polish-speakers might come forward to help us translate it properly. (Update: We have now received an offer from a trained Polish translator, and have also received a separate translation into the Czech language, for which we are very grateful.)

That there is strong interest in Derby's peregrines from within Poland can be evidenced from the images and video on this page. All were captured and posted not by us, but by Polish peregrine enthusiasts on their own discussion forum: (Sokół wędrowny - DERBY Anglia - 2012)  Already this year there are nearly 40 individual pages devoted just to Derby, mostly of images captured from our webcameras, and discussions around them. They are well worth a look, and we've shown a few extracts at the bottom of this post.

Video showing two adults and one juvenile on Friday 14th September.

There will soon be lots more ways for people to get more involved in our project. One thing we want to do is to find someone (preferably local) interested in running a twitter account for us. We already have one in English (@DerbyPeregrines) with over 600 followers - see recent Tweets displayed on the right panel of homepage. But we do plan to develop a separate one in Polish  too (@DerbySokoly).

Of course, all this new content is evolving, and could well contain errors at this very early stage. Give us feedback by leaving a comment if you do find things that need correcting or improving.

Extracts of Forum posts from

karmienie,jedzenia tutaj nie brakuje,posiłki są wydawane w spokoju,

maluszki nie walczą o jedzenia,spokojnie czekają na swoją kolej,karmione są parami ,

by sobie nawzajem nie przeszkadzać w jedzeniu,aż miło popatrzec...

po jedzeniu leżakowanie...


UPDATE 17th October: a short piece about peregrines in Norwich and their prey was on The One Show (BBC 1 TV) last night:
Go to 23 minutes into the programme. Viewable for another six days from today. Derby gets a brief mention.....
Nick B.


Ian (superbrad) said...

Hope this is allowed I know That its off off topic BUT !!!!!
Its a copy of a mail I received today.

Dear Ian,

Yesterday, the Tory-led Government issued the first licence to allow the shooting of badgers in England.


Ian (superbrad) said...

Addition to previous post

I have NO political agenda !!!
I just believe it to be wrong to have a

Ian (superbrad)

Project Member (Nick M.) said...

We'll let you of, Ian, seeing as how you're so supportive of this Project.

Though generally we do discourage posting of off-topic comments simply because it can expand out in an uncontrolled way into so many other areas.

Simon King, the Wildlife Trusts' President was really good on Newsnight last night, I must say.

Whilst I'm here, it's worth saying that we've already received a kind offer of help from a native Polish speaking lady to translate our Polish page for us. So watch this space. . . .
Nick M.

from christine said...

2 juvs near webcam one again 2nite! Still can't believe they are still around!

christine said...

One juv sitting in full view of webcam one this morning at 08.00am! From Christine.

Helen said...

Both adult birds visible on the tower camera tonight. They look as if they are in hunting mode.

Anonymous said...

We have to respect the partners rule that we mustn't use this blog as a soapbox, but may I respectfully mention that the places to go to do something effective if you have strong anti-badger-cull feelings is to Brian May's "Save Me" website, here or to the Badger Trust website, here he's a good egg that Brian May but I do wish he'd consider getting his hair cut.
I'd mention a place to go to protest about the horrid Clarissa Dickson-Wright wanting to eat the slaughtered badgers, but I'm afraid I don't have a clue where that might be!
Still no more news on where our Aylesbury juvs have gone - anyone out there spotted them?
Another bit of off-topic (sorry) but I visited Gigrin Farm in Wales where the last bastion of native Red Kites can be seen and it was WONDERFUL. Do visit if ever you have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Phew! Took me ages to prove I'm not a robot - that typing in two words is HARD to get right!!

Anonymous said...

Just a small note to anyone who may be in Sheffield between 1st October and 3rd October. The author of a book called "Wild Derbyshire" will be in the Winter Gardens with a small exhibition about his book. The book contains some stunning photos of Derbyshire wildlife - and a page or two about the Derby Peregrines which should be of great interest to all Derby Peregrine Project fans (like me!)
Now - to grapple with typing in the two words ......

Nick B (DWT) said...

The author is Paul Hobson who writes a wildlife article each month in Derbyshire Life and Countryside. Paul's book contains a section on the cathedral peregrines and specifically an interview with Nick Moyes (and a photo of him too!). It looks a lovely (coffee table) book with some excellent photos as you would expect.
I'm not sure where it is available locally but worth a look if you can locate a copy.
Nick B

Anonymous said...

Just now, we have the adult pair (I think) sitting serenely. One on the stonework with Jury's in the background, one on the edge of the platform. On the live feed, the traffic is whizzing along, but the birds are sitting calmly looking upon their domain. I'm rubbish at telling which is which - yse, I KNOW there's a size difference. I find it easy peasy to see that in the books but hard "for real".

christine said...

Juv on show near webcam one 2day! From Christine

Ian (superbrad) said...

Hi Sue Peregrino
Thanks for the heads up on this event.
I was fortunate to meet Paul Hobson in Amen Alley when I was togging the Peregrines early this year and he spoke of this project. He was in Derby to meet Collin Pass Well respected Falconer and helper of the Derby Cathedral peregrine Project. Paul spent most of the day on the Cathedral green with Collin and we had a great time talking and togging Peregrines.

Regards Ian.

Nick B (DWT) said...

Good to see both adults present in the sunshine this morning (Saturday).
Nick B

Mo Cole said...

Morning.... what do we know about the injured peregrine that is being released today at the Derby Royal....been on Radio Derby this morning it has been nursed back to health at the ''Vets'' ????? x

Project Member (Nick M.) said...

I'm just dooing a new blog post about this, Mo. Don't worry though, but watch this space.