Friday, 13 June 2008

Peregrines in Action - Latest News

Stop Press Friday 12noon: Juvenile 005 came down after fledging this morning and had to be rescued. We'll bring you photos of this shortly. Meanwhile, in response to a suggestion from a viewer, we've switched the main camera feed to "multiview" to give you a clearer picture of what's happening on the tower. (At the time of posting, one of our fledged juveniles is right in front of tower-cam) For those of you in Derby - come on down to the Cathedral Green Watchpoints for all the aerial action this weekend.

At 5pm local time yesterday a lone observer(Barry) outside the Cathedral witnessed four peregrines in the air at once. Two were adults but that left two juveniles in flight! I came along just after the main action was over, but there was still lots of calling and one juvenile ended up on the very top of the tallest spire on the cathedral, where it remained for some time, whilst three were later seen back on the platform all together. There's clearly quite a gap between the most developed and the least developed youngsters, but over the weekend we should be seeing a lot more activity around the Cathedral as our birds prepare for their first flights. As always, we'll be on standby in case any bird comes down and can't get to safety on its own.

The view above shows a recent feed at 07:30am this morning, whilst the video below shows a great tussle for food between young and parent. For more pictures do visit Froona's blog in Holland where she has been posting lots of photos of our birds, and many others peregrine nests around the northern Hemisphere.

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Karen Anne said...

I'm only seeing two birds in the nestbox now.

Anonymous said...

I switched on just before 8 am and there were three birds there. Obviously since that time one more has flown.

Nick Brown (DWT) said...

Just to confirm that from the ground at 8am there were three in the tray and just one up above, right by pudding cam.
This one was hungry and calling incessantly to the female which was sitting on the opposite gully, having just been to the tray to feed the others.
Nick B

Anonymous said...

If as Nick says one is up on the tower near the pudding cam, would it now be possible to put the screen pictures back to (1) dual nesting view and (2) tower view?

It is getting a bit strange now just seeing the nest so empty and nowhere else to go.


Anonymous said...

Pleased that they are learning to lfy but what are we going to do until next year? This has been so interesting. Have they been mentioned at all on Springwatch? I've missed some programmes so maybe they have

Karen Anne said...


Think: Southern hemisphere. Alcoa Anglesea webcam peregrines start doing their thing in July. Only way to get thru until next Derby time :-)

We are so lucky these fabulous birds are coming back from humans' disastrous stuff.

Next up, saving the sharks...polar bears...sigh.

Anonymous said...

Polar bears on top of Derby Cathedral... I'm glued to this webcam, can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for switching the cameras - can now watch the tower as well for the newly fledged birds.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've just received my DVD today,thankyou,thankyou ,thankyou truely wonderful the imagery insight and also the music. Well done the two Nicks

Anonymous said...

we've enjoyed watching these wonderful birds and since yesterday can only see two in the nest. Linda and Gerry Knight.