Sunday, 8 June 2008

Hot and busy

We've had a long, hot and very busy day at the watch point and I trust everyone who managed to come and have a look at the birds 'for real' had a good time despite the fencing and the absence of any grass to spread out on!
Special thanks to the many volunteers and the two DWT staff members who helped out...without you it wouldn't have been possible!

During the day we saw the falcon (the female) flying low over our heads with a large prey item dangling from her feet and later, chasing off a passing buzzard (at least three drifted past the tower during the morning plus a hobby too) .
The tiercel (the male) although absence for long periods ('he'll be likely having a pint in the pub' is my standard reply to 'where's the male then?') he did finally appear midday with food and fed the young standing on the platform edge.
The youngsters showed well (we could often see the red colour rings on their legs when they stood on the edge of the platform) and there were several bouts of wing flapping and making their begging calls when they were hungry and eager to be fed.

It was good to see some folk who had been down in previous years and many new faces too. We had a low level telescope set up for the many children who came along. They were seeing a peregrine for the very first time in their little lives.
We also had a visit from an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair who had apparently been pestering his daughter to take him to 'see the birds'!

Apparently extracts from the DVD were being shown on the Big Screen in the Market Place nearby where the rest of the environmental fair was taking place.
The watch point will continue to run everyday for the next few weeks, 11 am to 1.30/2 pm depending on volunteer stamina and the weather....
Nick B (DWT)

Ps. The second photo, was taken today by watch-point visitor Nikki M. It shows the female flying away from the tower and one of the youngsters behind her, an unusual shot, thanks Nikki!
Pps. Incidentally I've just managed to get 10 minutes of live streaming viewing, admittedly minus sound - though there wouldn't have been much anyway at that moment.

- read an overview of the peregrine project
- find out about buying the brand new DVD: "The Peregrines of Derby Cathedral")
- add your name to our mailing list
- see many more pictures on Froona's very detailed blog over in Holland (both from
our webcams and from many others around the world)


Anonymous said...

Pax B.C. Canada 11.47pm
Wow just saw the live video for the first time, could not access it from Au. The birds were doing a lot of wing flapping and two were on the nest ledge.

Anonymous said...

Just had a look at the webcams after being away for a week - how the chicks have grown!
(Have been on the Isle of Mull where we saw sea eagles, a corncrake on Iona, and local peregrines among other wonderful birds.)

Kate, Allestree

Anonymous said...

Have just been looking at the live stream again today and can only make out 3 peregrins? There is what I presume an adult sitting on the edge and an adult below but can only see 3 in the nest scrape. Is the little one going to be alright? Worried Mickleover

Anonymous said...

i have just been watching llive video and you can just make out the 4th chick in the corner asleep but u have to look really close very well hidden in the corner jo

Penny said...

Hi Colin - yes, we thought you were sagging under the weight of that lens a bit - still, fab pics! Just watching now: poor little Tiddler seems very aware of its lowly backward status - the only one still looking babyish. Does anyone else stroke them on the screen or am I only one mad enough to do this? :) xxx Penny

Joanne said...

Hi .. is the little one alright ? it seems to be on its own and seems more scrawny (not being nasty) and scruffy than the others.. i know the others are older, just thought id check.. ??

Penny said...

Just seen livestream some spectacularly energetic mini-flights from the eldest: as lively as if been bitten on the bum, and flying from one end of the scrap to the other. The next two watched with interest, whilst Tiddler pretended he wasn't interested. The baby feathers are being preened out now like a snowstorm. xxx Penny

Tim said...

Is that a cat by the wall on the level below the nest? If not, what, please?

Anonymous said...

Penny was asking "Does anyone else stroke them on the screen or am I only one mad enough to do this?"

Far from it. I've been watching them for a couple of days and I've not only been stroking the monitor but also waving and talking to them.

Who's madder?


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the webcam - I am orginally from Derby but am currently living in the USA so this always makes me think about home.

I love seeing how quickly they are growing up - I am new to this and was introduced by a friend and its now a daily ritual to watch the birds!

If anyone loves Pandas too have a look at the Washington DC zoo website!

Terry, Herts UK said...


I suspect what you saw was one of the adult peregrines. They often perch there.