Thursday, 8 March 2007

On the radio

Nick Moyes (Derby Museum) was on BBC Radio Derby this morning talking about the camera installation. You can 'listen again' to his interview on their website ( and see a couple of photo's on their picture gallery.
At lunchtime, we saw live footage of the male on the temporary monitor in the tower. He was furiously scraping away at the gravel in the furiously that he worked down to the lining underneath!
Nick also has other footage of the male bringing a chaffinch onto the edge of the platform and plucking and eating it. Chaffinch is a new species for our prey list incidentally!
The prey Nick mentioned in his radio interview, seen lying uneaten on the gargoyle, proved to be a redshank. This wader has been recorded before but only on a couple of occasions.
These gourmet peregrines are wader specialists with ten prey species on their hit list recorded since we began collecting remains in spring 2005: common snipe, jack snipe, woodcock, redshank, dunlin, knot, bar tailed godwit, turnstone, lapwing and golden plover.

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