Sunday, 23 September 2018

Wow what a day in London

Ten thousand folk walked through central London to present a Manifesto to the PM at Downing Street yesterday....a remarkable turnout...and mostly in pouring rain!
Along Pall Mall, a peregrine flew above us as if to applaud our efforts....
Lots of stuff on social media and YT if you want to find out more about it.....

Thanks for the best wishes from those who couldn't make it....and the donations to the crowdfunder underpinning the costs of the event.

NB and the Project Team

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Walk for Wildlife (and peregrines!)

On Saturday 22nd September Chris Packham is hosting a People's Walk for Wildlife in Hyde Park, London, the first of its kind.
It's going to be a big event and an important one for us all to support! As Chris points out, this is NOT a demo and will be entirely peaceful and 'user-friendly'!

This new and exciting initiative needs all the support it can get so if you can go along please do.

A coach will run from Matlock to Hyde Park (picking up at Belper and Derby) so if you want to come with us, please email as soon as possible with your name, preferred pick up location and a mobile number.
The cost for the coach will be just £20 per head, free if you are unwaged.
Payment will be on the coach and by cash.
Please let us know ideally by 5pm on Tuesday 18th though later is now OK provided seats remain...and they are now getting taken up.......just 10 left on Monday evening.

The link to the event: click here or go to:

To hear Chris talk about the walk on You Tube go here or see: .

And here :


Nick Brown/The Peregrine Project Team