Saturday, 7 July 2018

Final Watch Point and a further request for donations

The final Watch Point of 2018 took place today (7th July) and a big thanks to volunteers Jane, Paul and Helen, helped for a time by Dave.
And thanks also to all the other volunteers who have helped throughout the Watch Point've done a splendid job!

During most of the Watch Point only one adult was visible, and she was partly obscured too!
With so little to see, the volunteers struggled to attract interest and numbers visiting were low but they did include people from three cathedral tower tours by arrangement. Normally, the tours go to the top of the tower to see the view but with recently fledged young usually up there, a deal was struck such that they didn't go to the very top but came and had a look at the peregrines from Cathedral Green instead.
Fortunately at the end, both remaining juveniles were seen and looked in good shape.

Donations to the Project
We are still seeking donations to keep the project afloat so if you've enjoyed watching the birds over this season but haven't made a contribution yet, do please consider doing so.
The donations tab on this blog explains the various ways you can donate.
If you are sending a cheque please be sure to make it payable to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and not to the project itself which has no bank account.
We mention this because some kind person in Telford has delivered a cheque for £20 payable to the project but not given us an address so we can't get back to them to ask for another.
If the donor should read this please will you either email us at so we can sort it out...or just send another cheque to the DWT Office clearly marked 'for the peregrines' on the envelope and explaining the situation. We will be happy to return the original cheque which we are unable to cash. Thank you.

The Project Team