Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year and a new video

Update 22nd January:
Mating has been reported at another urban peregrine site in the county - now that is really VERY early in the year indeed! At Derby most matings take place away from the platform and out of sight of the cameras but if anyone is passing through Derby it may be worth a look up at the cathedral tower....!

Update 21 January
A snowy day in Derby, captured with this screenshot by Kate (in wet Devon!):

Somewhat belatedly, the Project Team wish all viewers of the blog and web cams a very happy (and peregrine-filled) New Year!
Needless to say, the wonderful Wendy Bartter has continued to capture video clips of our birds for us  throughout the holiday period and as we begin a new breeding season.
Here's one from January 1st: