Sunday, 14 August 2016

The season draws to a close

Update (23/8/16) We had a break in service from our webcams, but these are now operating once again. Apologies for any disappointment caused.

Update 10 September: It seems that the bird seen and heard on St Luke's is a local falconer's bird and NOT one of ours. NB.

As we head for the middle of August it is to be expected that the four young birds will begin to drift away from the cathedral and start to live their independent lives. Web cam watchers report the occasional view of one youngster on the nest platform plus, of course the adults (mainly the male) who hang about all year.
One interesting report has come from someone who lives near St Luke's church. On more than one occasion he's heard the calls of peregrines coming from the church tower.
St Luke's church
This very tall tower looks ideal for peregrines to perch on. It's not that far from the cathedral and the suspicion is that at least one of the juvenile birds has made a temporary base there.
The only other tall structures we know the peregrines use, apart from the cathedral and Jurys Inn, is the police aerial mast in Chester Green though we have had no reports from there this year.
Police aerial mast
Only very occasionally have we seen an adult peregrine (or indeed a juvenile) perch on St Mary's Church just to the north of the cathedral. This Roman Catholic building is not nearly as tall as the cathedral tower but seems to be frowned on by our birds.
If you live in or visit Derby you might care to check out St Luke's in particular. So far, our own visits haven't produced any sightings.....let us know if you do see one there.
The Project Team