Saturday, 5 December 2015

Invite to Join, great news from Rutland Water and a new Video Clip!

On 20th November, 180 days after it was ringed, one of the juveniles reared last summer was seen alive and well at the Egleton Nature Reserve at the west end of Rutland Water, the biggest reservoir in England. The bird had moved 61 kilometres in an East South Easterly direction from Derby.
The bird, a female, was ringed with colour ring 030 on its left leg. Steve Lister, a bird watcher visiting the reserve, saw the bird and another birder was able to read the number on the ring so a big thanks to them for taking the trouble to report the details to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) who are responsible for bird ringing in the UK.
This is an exciting report and shows that our juveniles do move away from Derby in the autumn. The photos are by John Wright (see his video clip of her below).
030 standing on a post at Egleton Nature Reserve at
Rutland Water, photo by John Wright
030 in flight - photo by John Wright
030 showing her orange ring, photo by John Wright
030 even had a go at a short eared owl, as you can see in John's photo. There is a flock of lapwings behind:
030 (left) short eared owl (right) with flock of
lapwings behind. Photo John Wright, taken
at distance....

Steve Lister has emailed us explaining more about 030:
He wrote:
"The colour-ringed juv female Peregrine has been virtually resident at Rutland Water since late September: I first noticed the colour ring on the 29th and, along with many others, have seen it regularly since. The bird has spent long periods sitting around on the islands on Lagoon 4 of the Egleton Nature Reserve. Nobody was able to read the ring until John Wright managed it with his top quality equipment in early November".  

Video clip of 030 at Rutland Water

John Wright has kindly sent us a video clip of our young female. It is on Dropbox and the link is: .

It seems the quickest way to access the video is to right click over the photo and click on 'Open in a new window'.

Nick Brown, Project Team