Monday, 19 November 2012

New images

Local photographer, Colin Pass sent in a couple of shots of our adult male (right)  and female (below) on the Jurys Inn sign a couple of weeks ago and Helen Naylor sent over some new (computer graphic) artwork by her class at Brigg Infant School so here they are for you to see and enjoy.

The winter approaches and although we are finding very little in the way of prey remains at the foot of the tower, you can be sure that the peregrines are taking advantage of some of the thousands of migrant birds that have been pouring into Derbyshire in the last two months. Among them will be woodcock and snipe (both caught at night as they migrate over the city), teal, lapwings and golden plover plus fieldfares and redwings.
This is also proving to be a 'waxwing' winter. Waxwings are an irruptive species which means that in those years when there are no food supplies for them in Scandinavia and Russia, they migrate westwards to Britain to take advantage of rowan, pyracantha and other berries planted in suburban streets, around supermarkets and retail centres. In 2006, another 'irruptive' year, a few waxwing feathers were found at the it is possible that the peregrines might take one again this winter. We'll keep an eye out for their tell-tale feathers with the red waxy tips.

Nick B (DWT)
Ps. The graphic is by Katie and Dillan - to whom a big thank you!