Sunday, 23 August 2009

One juv for sure

This morning (23rd) was fine in Derby. I located one juvenile on the police aerial as you can (almost) see in the photo. At the cathedral, one adult was crouching in the tiny space above the platform with its head obscured, so I was unable to determine its sex.

Meanwhile the clocks on the South and West faces of the tower look very splendid - as you certainly can see!

Sorry about delays in getting your comments moderated.....I was away last week and Nick M and Tony G were both very busy......but we'll try harder as of now.

Nick B (DWT)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lights! Camera! Action?

Hooray! Our webcameras went back online today after a longer than expected break. It's certainly caused the number of visitors to drop off more sharply than previous years, and we're relieved the fault didn't manifest itself during the main period of breeding activity earlier this summer. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding.

For those interested in the actual cause of the problem, an inspection of the so-called "error logs" generated by our wireless linkage allowed Cisco, the makers, to identify a bug in their software. New "firmware" had to be loaded onto the two transmitting units, one of which is inside Derby Cathedral; the other is inside The Silk Mill. As usual finding the fault takes a lot longer than actually fixing it, and it's with some relief that Network Webcams are once again receiving our images, and out thanks to Chris and others from Affiniti for sorting out our communication difficulties.
Keen-eyed Derby folk will spot that the picture opposite of Derby Cathedral is not a recent one. In fact the clock has no hands right now, but will reappear soon in stunning blue and gold when its long-awaited overhaul is completed. Read more on this story here and here.
Update: Colin informs us that Cathy (010) is still doing well, though he and the vet are worried about illnesses like arthritis developing which could eventually shorten her life. He gives occasional updates on his blog (but note that the images posted on 4th August were not intended to be those our cathedral bird)

Monday, 3 August 2009

A School's-Eye View

Whilst we wait for our wireless internet link to be restored, we would like to share with you a superb example of how a group of Derbyshire school children have engaged with our peregrine falcons this year. Red Class at Brigg Infants School have made and narrated this superb video. The voices you hear are children of five and six years of age. Helen Naylor's class have embraced ICT and wildlife in an absolutely stunning way, and it was a pleasure to meet them earlier in the year when they visited Derby.
Not only that, it neatly sums up the 2009 season from egg-laying to fledging.

Peregine Falcons at Derby Cathedral from Helen S Naylor on Vimeo.

Visitors to Derby Museum and Art Gallery can also see this video as it is currently on continuous play in the Derbyshire Nature Gallery.

We're always interested to hear of schools who have found our webcams of value in teaching, and welcome a chance to see examples of work produced.