Saturday, 15 June 2019

Amazing Live Stream from opposite Derby Cathedral!

Whilst we await the complicated radio link  connection to be established between Derby Cathedral and Derby Council House, we have to applaud the initiative of  a local Derby resident, Peter, who has established a live webcam link of their own.

Screenshot of Live link on TwitchTV
He clearly owns a telescope and lives in full view of the Cathedral Tower, and he posted on our Facebook page that he'd established live stream on TwitchTV which we recommend to those who - like us - have deeply missed our own webcam links.

You will have to sit through some 30 seconds of initial adverts from the website, but the service also seems to store past broadcasts which can be viewed, too. The Peregrine Project are not connected in any way with this service, and we don't know how often it will be run. But we welcome it most warmly, just as in the past we have welcomed those who have taken our live footage and created videos which we can then share. 

Sadly, it seems very unlikely that we'll re-establish the internet link in time for fledging in the next few weeks, and we thank everyone for their patience. We hope this brilliant initiative will be of interest to all our frustrated watchers, wherever they are in the world.
Chicks being fed by parent - screenshot of live stream at 3pm 15 June 2019

It's great to see the two young, rapidly developing peregrines actively moving around the nest platform  (though less impressive that everyone can see I've still not tidied up some messy Cat5 camera cabling which I didn't think anyone would notice!)

So, Peter, thank you so much!

Nick M
for The Peregrine Project Team


Helen said...

Thanks to Peter, for the live stream. Good to meet you at today's watch point. It's great to be able to see the chicks on camera.

Sue Hetherington said...

WOW! That live stream is phenominal! You are a genius Peter. Thank you so much - and for planting the germ of an idea for how I might be able to achieve similar with a project I have (my swift nestbox)
Project team, you may like to hear a story I have from today. I was in deepest darkest Milton Keynes (Linford Lakes, arguably the finest wildlife site in the area) and saw somebody pick up JA Baker's book "The Peregrine" from the second hand book sale table. I asked if the buyer was a peregrine fan and a conversation ensued. I told my friend that we had a great urban peregrine project in MK, at the MK Dons football stadium. He said yes, but you couldn't observe that one, the best project anywhere was at Derby. I knew that (and agree) and thought you'd like to know. The person has no access to the Internet but still knows about you and occasionally attends at Watchpoints.

Kate said...

Brilliant am just catching up ...Thank you peter and as always the Team.