Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Walk for Wildlife (and peregrines!)

On Saturday 22nd September Chris Packham is hosting a People's Walk for Wildlife in Hyde Park, London, the first of its kind.
It's going to be a big event and an important one for us all to support! As Chris points out, this is NOT a demo and will be entirely peaceful and 'user-friendly'!

This new and exciting initiative needs all the support it can get so if you can go along please do.

A coach will run from Matlock to Hyde Park (picking up at Belper and Derby) so if you want to come with us, please email peregrines@derbyshirewt.co.uk as soon as possible with your name, preferred pick up location and a mobile number.
The cost for the coach will be just £20 per head, free if you are unwaged.
Payment will be on the coach and by cash.
Please let us know ideally by 5pm on Tuesday 18th though later is now OK provided seats remain...and they are now getting taken up.......just 10 left on Monday evening.

The link to the event: click here or go to:

To hear Chris talk about the walk on You Tube go here or see:
https://youtu.be/WNNbGoxtOxQ .

And here :


Nick Brown/The Peregrine Project Team


Wendy Bartter said...

Many thanks for sorting moderation issue!
Good to see Chris' walk highlighted on here ... wish I was younger & enjoyed crowds! Will be following progress on various internet platforms, sure to be lots of good coverage ... wish all participants decent weather conditions!

Peregrine Project Member (Nick M.) said...

Just a bit of advance notice to everyone who posts here that we are having to plan for a relatively long period without any webcameras in the months ahead. A major refurbishment project at The Silk Mill Museum means that at some point in the near future we will permanently lose our internet connection. All IT equipment has to be removed, and we are looking into alternative ways of getting connectivity. We intend to put up a blog post when we know more, but there is always the possibility that work could suddenly start, and all are webcams cease without warning.

This won't affect our Blog or Twitter accounts, but will obviously render the cameras inaccessible. (We had expected this work to impact on this year's breeding season, so are feeling quite relieved it did do so.)

nick b said...

Ps. Nick M meant to say 'did not' do so in his final sentence...as I guess you will have realised!

Wendy Bartter said...

Thanks for warning Nick & although we have had a good long run, goes without saying that cams during Autumn/Winter will be sorely missed!! Looking forward to hearing about alternative streaming & fingers firmly crossed that it gets sorted by start of next season!

kate said...

Thanks Team

Well done to you all. I recall earlier in Season, you mentioning work at the Silk Mill, and as you say thankfully did not disrupt the breeding Season.

Sincerely hope removal and then finding suitable replacement site will be successful.

Lots of Good luck and Thanks again.

Heather said...

Good luck to Chris on the London walk, willl be with him in spirit but unfortunately having walking problems at moment so wouldn't even get off the starting gate!

Thanks for update Nick on webcams we were very fortunate to have them operating throughout the breeding season and perhaps any passers by can keep us updated especially if the female juvie is still around the scrape.

Good luck with sorting out problems re Silk Mill, we've had many obstacles thrown at us in the past and have always found a way around them so hopefully you'll be successful once again.

The project team said...

Thanks Heather
For those not going you can support the walk by donating to Chris' crowdfunder


and by tweeting/RTing about the coach trip directing folk to this blog:
http://derbyperegrines.blogspot.com/ .

The coach still has seats available though they are being taken up hour by hour. Deadline 3pm Tuesday to book....

Many thanks - it in IMPORTANT it succeeds.
Nick B

Wendy Bartter said...

Windy weather conditions don't faze our Peregrines!
Mrs DP yesterday ...https://youtu.be/dQRUrg9-gGY
Youngster today ...https://youtu.be/StmnLYNfKcU
Thanks Kate for your alerts!

Wendy Bartter said...

Brief capture of juvie just now ... https://youtu.be/pgHi3d9OFZQ

Helen said...

Thanks Wendy, that's really good news. They seem to revisit the platform during wetter weather.

Wendy Bartter said...

Almost forgot to post this footage of Mrs DP preening in sunny weather on 23rd Sep ... https://youtu.be/20Rb1u1ZAOM