Sunday, 27 May 2018

Growing fast.... more Watch Points and a poem

The three chicks are growing very fast and soon they will change their looks and become slightly less attractive!
Within seven weeks from hatching they will achieve the weight and height of their parents!

Following the first (successful) Watch Point yesterday, the next ones are on Wednesday 30th May and Saturday 2nd June so, since it is half term, we hope to see many families coming to see the birds.

Meanwhile, Marc Whitlock, who's a sessional education and community worker for DWT and who is helping Matt Robinson run the Watch Points this summer was inspired to write some verse:

Peregrine Watchpoint’s back another year,
For one mum, her twelfth  spent here.
On the platform, out of sight
Huddled three white chicks who were quite
Unaware of those unseen
Gathered there on Cathedral Green.
The falcon led the way in getting food
Shaming her tiercel to tend to his brood.
Both performed for the visiting bunch
In dramatic attempts at catching lunch:
Above our heads both adults flew
In tandem there, but even two,
This time, could not dispatch
A meal and left without a catch.
The weather fine, they came from far
On foot, by bus and plane and car.
Over 90 strong enjoyed (it would appear)
This first eventful watchpoint of the year.

Hope you like it!

The project team


kate said...

Thanks again Team and Lovely Poem, wonderful how these fantastic Birds inspire us.
This Morning sees the Egg cast aside on the scrape and all chicks moved over with Mum to Slate side.
Pics on Flickr.
Waiting for ringing soon and wish them all a safe life ahead.

Anne said...

Brilliant poem, so glad the watch point day went well. Weather wise Wednesday looks as though it will be a good viewing day. I'm so enjoying 'intruding' on the peregrine lives.

Many thanks to the team.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be of topic, but has anyone noticed the falcon still sitting on the eggs at Nottingham. I think she's ill. Go full screen and you see her eyes are rolling up.

kate said...

Nottingham Bird looks fine, but sadly still hugging her egg.
Their eyes do amazing things and do look scary here is some info for you.

Maybe a help.

Vicky said...

The chicks are still on the other side sleeping and mom on the ledge sleeping. Amazing how she can perch on the ledge, sleep and not fall off.

Valerie Page said...
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Phoebe said...

Great poem!

Sj H said...

I love your poem Marc! I didn't know you were such a talented poet. Yes, it was a great watchpoint and well worth travelling far for. See you again soon.
PS it would be great if funds would allow a top up on the tablet that is such a useful thing to have on watchpoint sessions. If you don't have enough in the kitty, can I give fellow watchers a nudge to remind them that donations are very welcome :)

Heather said...

Supper just been served after MrP flew off and MrsP arrived but seemed to feed only one chick. Funny they move to the other end of the scrape once able to move, possibly the smell had become too overpowering! Concur with Phoebe that it's a great poem. Fingers crossed for good weather for tomorrow's Watch point.

Vicky said...

The chicks are a little restless. I think the wings growing the permanent feathers must bother them. Sometimes their wings seem to be hard to get used to. Mom has her head tucked back and trying to sleep I'm sure.

Janet said...

Just watched Nick removing the chicks to be rung, amazing to see it all happen and see them return - great job well done

Sj H said...

I've just been lucky enough to look at the webcam just as the platform had a human visitor. The chicks have just been returned to their home with each bearing a smart new ring. Well done to all the ringing team - rather you than me! The chicks have soon settled back down, nestled into a corner and looking as if they've dozed off again.

Helen said...

I'm really pleased the chicks have been ringed this year. A huge well done to everybody! The female was back on the platform within minutes of the chicks being returned.