Saturday, 10 February 2018

Getting in the mood....February 2018

Wendy Bartter captured the video below a couple of days ago (on 8th February) and it shows both the female doing a little nest scraping and later on, an e-chupping session between the pair with the male flying off perhaps as a result of the intimidating pose and feet dancing display the female puts on. So things are beginning to hot up!
The Project Team


Lesley Gerrard said...

Will it matter to them that the scrape has not been cleaned out?

Nick Brown said...

Hi Lesley: no it won't...and of course most peregrines don't get their nests cleaned out ever!
We do plan to clean the Derby platform and re-set the web cams in the next few weeks once the weather warms up - today with its wind and snow showers really isn't abseiling weather!
The Project Team

Janet said...

Maybe they like it dirty and "lived in" - he's playing hard to get