Thursday, 14 September 2017

Getting back to normal

The renewal of the Cathedral nave roof is now complete and the workmen have been busy removing the plastic sheeting and now the scaffolding which supported it.
Wendy Bartter captured this video today (14th) of the men who (speeded up) appear to be scurrying about like ants:

Hopefully next year, everything will be a lot simpler and less fraught.
Occasional sightings of bird at the nest platform are still being made.....but not that often. Perhaps when the workers have gone we'll see a bit more of our adults.....

Old wild peregrine
People at watch points and on the blog often ask "how old do peregrines get in the wild?"
We usually reply that we are not sure but we know many are persecuted (especially on grouse moors) and will be lucky to survive long. Away from game shooting enterprises, wild peregrines should be able to live many years and proof of this has recently come from a tagged bird (though not a Derbyshire one) that was at least 21 years old!

The Project Team


Heather said...

Thanks Wendy for video of the 'ant' workmen removing the covering which I'm sure helped our new peregrine pair to bond more easily. I login occasionally but haven't seen any sightings for sometime on the nest box. Obviously still being used for mealtimes judging by the amount of feathers lying around. Presume all the youngsters have dispersed by now.

Wondered if the Project Team has heard anything from Bob Usher who mentioned he might be revisiting Doncaster Minster this summer where he'd previously spotted one of our male birds No. 015.

Nick B said...

Hi Heather: no, nothing from Bob - Ill email him though.
Nick B

kate said...

@heather one of the young and I think Mrs P visit regularly.
one on the ledge in the shade at the moment. pic posted as usual.

kate said...

Yesterday late afternoon, Mrs was trying to enjoy a feed, but was being pestered, as she moved to slate side of scrape a youngster flew in , eventually, having almost a 'fisty cuffs' before Mrs flew off, leaving youngster to pick the bones.